Second only spends € 19.7M on transfers

Sales revenue fell to € 29.79M. Austerity and the crisis mark the market that has moved the least money in recent years.

The Second Division transfer market has reflected the state of the club's coffers, in crisis after the pandemic. In this window, the teams have spent € 19.73M on transfers and have entered € 29.79M, figures lower than those of the summer markets of 2020 (32M of spending and 68M of income) and 2019 (37.5M of spending and 106M in revenue). In recent years a phenomenon has been unleashed that has already undergone a sudden acceleration and which is already a reality, the clubs are in crisis.

Economy of war

In the chapter on tickets, purchases total € 19.73M among the 22 teams in the category, although the expense is led by Almería, which has invested € 11.75M to become, among others, with Samú Costa, the most expensive transfer on the market (€ 5.25M) or with Akieme (€ 3.5M). The balance of the Almeria is negative, but their bet to return to First is to keep some of their pillars from last season. At no cost, old glories of the category such as Jonathan Viera, Pedro León, Rubén Pardo and Etxeita have arrived, as well as footballers with a poster such as Mbia, Mollejo, Sergio León, Carriço and Portillo.

The exit operation has moved some € 31,097M, with the sale of Marcos André to Valencia (€ 9M), one of the soap operas on the national market, as the main move or that of Javi Galán to Celta (€ 4M). It also highlights the triple movement that Morlanes starred in, when Almería paid € 3M for him so that Villarreal would later buy it back for € 4M and transfer it to Espanyol.

The small amount that the clubs have obtained for their sales reflects how Segunda has ceased to be an attractive market for portfolios in Europe. Transfer payments have been drastically reduced, motivated by the economic setback caused by the pandemic and by the specter of the salary limit. Clubs have been forced to tighten their belts and go to zero-cost assignments and arrivals to reinforce their squads. Cartagena has been the entity that has signed the most free footballers with 12 (of the 13 that have arrived) in exchange for releasing 10 chips. They are closely followed by Ponferradina with 11 incorporations (out of 14 in total) and Tenerife with 9, although Valladolid with 17 chips is the club that has let the most players out on the market, either because of its situation or because of reaching the end of your contract.

Austerity has been personified by Oviedo, Málaga, Burgos, Sporting, Alcorcón, Mirandés, Ibiza and Amorebieta with zero balance after not spending or entering, although they have added players of the stature of Diop, Pombo, Córdoba or Camello. In fact, of the newly promoted only Sanse has spent (500,000 euros in Pokorny) .

The team with the most signings in the category is Mirandés, which has received up to 17 new faces to give the squad a makeover, without breaking the bank. The team with the fewest movements was Xabi Alonso's Real Sociedad B, which has placed all its trust in the players who achieved promotion to the category. They lag behind Sporting, Zaragoza and Valladolid, who did not reach the ten incorporations, while Malaga has been the club that has dismissed fewer players on its payroll.

No expenses on the last day

The market closed with 36 operations in total, of which 25 were arrivals or transfers between teams in the category and 17 departures. Up to 12 teams (Tenerife, Fuenlabrada, Ibiza, Leganés, Girona, Almería, Zaragoza, Mirandés, Cartagena, Lugo, Oviedo and Huesca) took advantage of the last hours to add players to their ranks, although Fuenlabrada was the most prolific with up to five signings (Mbia, Konaté, Arturo Molina, Timité and Franco Soldado) without having to go through the box. Valladolid also took advantage of the last hours to receive Sergio León, Queirós and Plata while giving way to Bruno, Sergi Guardiola and Corral. Cartagena (departure from Jové and incorporation of Dauda and Okazaki), Almería (sales of Vada, Aguza, Ibiza, Maras and arrivals of Sousa and Pozo) and Huesca (letter of freedom to Inui, Okazaki and Siovas) were also active when the clock squeezed. The sale of Jonathan Silva to Getafe has been the only operation in which there has been money involved with € 2.5M. On the horn, Ibiza closed the loan of Juan Ibiza from Almería.

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