Sarri was left without a transfer due to ... having an incorrect email address!

Lazio submitted an offer for Filip Kostic in writing, but Eintracht never received it. 'Bild' indicates that they had the email address wrongly entered.


Problems with the fax, with the schedules ... The frenzy of the 'deadline day' turns this last day with the open transfer window into a real madness that throws up countless curious stories. But, perhaps, that of Filip Kostic, Eintracht footballer, and Lazio takes the cake in 2021, since Maurizio Sarri was left without his long-awaited signing due to a rather 'suspicious' error.

The Serbian extreme interested the Romans and they transferred that love to the Eagles. Thus, from Frankfurt they were urged to submit an offer for the quantity demanded (15 million euros, plus another three in bonuses) by email and they did so. However, as confirmed by Igli Tare himself, biancoceleste sports director, something went wrong along the way ...

The offer that never came

"Six or seven days ago I informed Markus Krösche that we would like to have Kostic. We were asked to make an offer in writing and we did so, by email, as requested. It was then publicly stated that we did not there was an offer ... ", explained the Romanian in a statement collected by 'Bild'.

The German newspaper also sheds light on the event: it appears that Lazio did not have the correct email address for Eintracht, which, indeed, never received the official proposal. Moreover, they add that, perhaps, the mistake was on purpose, since the price that Kostic would have cost them was estimated to be too wasteful (although the value of the 28-year-old player is 30 million, according to Transfermarkt). Be that as it may, Maurizio Sarri remains composed and without his longed-for signing and the summer gives a convoluted story, but, without a doubt, curious.

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