Real Valladolid made five signings and 18 starts

Yesterday six operations were carried out that ended with three signings and three footballers who left the Blanquivioleta discipline.


Al Real Valladolid, on paper, the plan of the whole summer went well in one day, yesterday, crazy. Facing the gallery, they claimed from the club to be calm, but the nervousness due to the high salary mass of the 39 players who could start in the first week of July was evident. The contracts of the majority were an immense problem and the dilemma arose in the club that if the indemnities were paid, they would not be able to face the signings. So much so that until the transfer of Marcos André to Valencia, for nine million euros, was closed, the action plan was stopped. There was no liquidity, nor was the league's spending limit being entered, and in addition to terminating many players, it has been necessary to face the severance pay of nearly fifty people fired from the club in these months.

The outputs of those 18 players have not been cheap. In addition to the sale of Marcos André, there have been eight dismissal agreements, where more than 50% of the chips have been paid in all cases, seven players have been transferred and two footballers from the subsidiary with an option to buy were allowed to go : Miguel Ángel Rubio and Fran Álvarez. In all cases except Sekou's, the club is not going to charge for them and it is going to have to pay up to 90% of some scandalous chips. It is nothing new. It already happened last summer and it was inherited. In this way, the club has terminated Vilarrasa, Doncel, Zalazar, Bruno, Corral, Moi, Orellana, Oriol Rey, while it has yielded Guardiola, Rayo, Alende, Lugo, Caro, Burgos, Sekou, Málaga , Sergio Benito, to Badajoz, Víctor García, to Depor, and Waldo, to Círculo de Bruja, to which must be added the long-term loan of Stiven Plaza in Independiente del Valle.

Another problem that the club has had is the duplication of sports addresses. On the one hand, Fran Sánchez works and on the other Paulo André, with greater authority from the latter, very close to President Ronaldo Nazário and who has not been introduced. This has led to such scandalous circumstances as the frustrated signing of Iván Alejo or a goalkeeper, Caro, who was told by Pacheta that he was going to start in Las Palmas and was loaned out to Burgos during the League. It is not there. Some players, like Kike, were invited by one of the two directions to go out, while the other was unaware. They have been the ups and downs of the Pucelano market.

The good part of this market, however, comes on two fronts. Real Valladolid has managed to keep most of its pillars: Olaza, Roque Mesa, Weissman or Plano and, in addition, it has achieved signings of interesting players. The pucelanos have closed the squad with the signings of Hugo Vallejo and Sergio León and the transfers of Cristo, Udinese, Gonzalo Plata, Sporting, and Diogo Queirós, Famaliçao. In total there is a squad with 25 players where Vallejo will have a record for Promises and El Hacen will have no record for this injured.

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