Las Palmas closes its campaign with 11,115 subscribers

The island group, with the slogan '# LaUniónHaceLasPalmas', exceeds their expectations and ends its stage of recruiting partners with a remarkable high.


UD Las Palmas ends the season ticket campaign for the 2021-2022 season with a total of 11,115 members. The yellow club, which began the procedures on July 15, reaches this figure in the first action that it carries out entirely online.

As the club reports, with the slogan '# LaUniónHaceLasPalmas', it accumulates more than 11,000 members adding renewals and new registrations, so it will be able to comply with the COVID-19 regulations, since between subscribers and non-subscribers the maximum number of spectators is, for the moment, 12,900 followers until further notice. Something that seems like it won't affect the yellow entity.

From now on, those people who were subscribed in the 19-20 season and so far have not renewed, confirms the island complex that they will be able to continue processing their subscription card by paying the new registration fee. The club also recalls, in its official statement, that the availability of the seat they had occupied so far is not guaranteed.

Finally, he sends a message to his fans in which "he thanks all his subscribers for the magnificent response the campaign has had, especially in these difficult times due to the current situation in which we find ourselves, and hopes to return all that effort with hard work, dedication and commitment, both on and off the field. THANK YOU, FANS! ".

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