Almería change their way of signing

The rojiblancos made eight incorporations, for 17 of the previous summer. All are at zero cost and six of them, with experience in Spain.


Almería has changed its way of facing the market, preserving part of the backbone of the team that fell in promotion last year. The intention from the Vega de Acá offices was to give continuity to the project as long as no irreplaceable offers arrived. In that sense, although Almería was not going to slow down the progression of some of its main assets, it has finally kept Sadiq, Samu, Akieme and Lazo, its most sought-after footballers, in order to give continuity to the project. At the beginning of the market, it seemed practically impossible for Rubi to have all the previous names, but finally no offers have arrived for them that satisfy the rojiblanca entity. Thus, Sadiq may be one of the best 'signings' for the UDA.

El Almería has made eight incorporations and they all have the same common denominator: at zero cost. In addition, five of the troops who have opened the entrance door are Spanish and six have experience in Spain, including three promotions to the highest category. Rubi has asked these weeks for signings for the rear and three have arrived. Until the last day the market moved in a red-and-white key, with the additions of Dyego Sousa and Alejandro Pozo, the transfer of Maras to Rayo and the contract terminations of Juan Ibiza, Valentín Vada and Sergio Aguza, in addition to signing the subsidiary to Javi Robles, so the Vilasarense coach, who was looking for a short squad, is left with 24 players. They form the second team with the highest market value for Transfermarkt, with 49.80 million euros, only behind Valladolid (58) .

The high number of departures, up to twenty, is surprising, highlighting that six of them (Aketxe, Peybernes Petrovic, Ibiza, Vada and Aguza) have been after terminating the contract, while Escobar, Jonathan and Maras have done so on loan, to Botafogo, Barcelona B and Rayo, respectively. Last year thirteen players paraded down the starting ramp, while in January 2021 four did so (for six from the previous winter window). Regarding the incorporations, of the eight, three were made official the first days of the market, in the case of Puigmal, Nieto and Curro Sánchez, while half were made in the final stretch: Carriço, Babic, Sousa and Pozo, all three last, at the beginning of this week. Meanwhile, Portillo. All of them have been without spending a single euro, specifically, as free agents, with the exception of the loaned Babic (Red Star) and Pozo (Seville), although the UDA has a purchase option for both.The policy has turned, since the revolution in previous markets has been greater. A year ago the rojiblanco club starred in up to 17 tickets (7 of them, in the form of a loan), for three of the last winter market (all on loan). In the first summer of the new property, Almería made a dozen incorporations in just one month (the sheik arrived in Almería at the beginning of August), four of them on loan, with seven more in January (six on loan) . The number of transfers in this market has also decreased considerably, with the Indálico club betting on owning footballers who are knowledgeable in the category. Of course, unlike previous years, now long contracts have not been made to avoid problems like Vada in future departures.

As far as figures are concerned, Almería has spent 11.75 million euros if the 5.25 subscribers to Sporting de Braga are counted to exercise the purchase option for Samu, the 3.5 for Akieme for Barcelona and the 3 for Morlanes to Villarreal. For its part, it has entered 6'50 million euros: Villarreal paid four kilos to buy back Morlanes himself and Éibar paid one for Corpas and around one and a half for Yanis. They are lower figures than those of the previous windows. Not surprisingly, a year ago he left 21.65 million euros, for 27 of 2019, cushioned in good part by the 24 taken out by Darwin Núñez in the last summer market.

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