Yamaha takes Maverick off the bike for mistreating her

He does so "due to the inexplicable erratic operation of the motorcycle," for which he blames Mack: "His actions could have caused significant engine damage."


New chapter in the war between Maverick Viñales and Yamaha, who broke their contract for next year at the last Dutch GP at the end of June. Now it is the house of the tuning forks that hits, announcing that it takes its pilot off his M1 for the appointment of the Austrian GP this weekend, understanding that it was the one in Roses that intentionally damaged his motorcycle in the race of the last Sunday, the one of the GP of Styria, in which he retired shortly after the end. Yamaha understands that he mistreated her, based on what it has found in the telemetry and what is confirmed by several testimonies, including from a MotoGP partner on the grid. Apparently, at the exit of Turn 1 and 3, Mack was on the clutch and throttle on purpose, like the kind of people who cut the ignition on the street to get attention.

This was made known by Yamaha in the following statement:

“Yamaha regrets to announce that Maverick Viñales' entry in this weekend's MotoGP GP in Austria has been withdrawn by the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP team.

The absence occurs after the suspension of the rider by Yamaha due to the inexplicable irregular operation of the motorcycle by the rider during the MotoGP race in Styria last weekend.

Yamaha's decision is the result of an exhaustive analysis of telemetry and data from the last days.

Yamaha's conclusion is that the rider's actions could have caused significant damage to the engine of his YZR-M1 motorcycle, which could have caused serious risks for the rider himself and possibly pose a danger to all other riders in the race by MotoGP.

The driver will not be replaced at the Austrian GP.

Decisions regarding future races will be made after a more detailed analysis of the situation and further discussions between Yamaha and the rider. ”

Maverick had finished very upset last Sunday, after the bike stopped at the second start. This said: “One day the bike goes well and in the next race it doesn't work, and no one at Yamaha ever knows how to give me an explanation, and so I can't continue. It's more of the same every day. I really had very good feelings, I made a good start in the first race, I really wanted to eat everyone, I was having a good time in the first laps, fighting with Joan, Fabio, Marc. I was having a great time. Then they stopped the race, we entered, they changed the clutch, the tire and another story has sung. Everyone has been able to see how I coped with the weekend. Until they showed the red flag in the first race I was there, in all the training sessions we were in front and we faced the weekend to the full. I love to race, go to the limit and make good times, but then in the race ... I am really happy because on Sunday it was shown that when the bike works well and is normal, I am there, I have options for everything and I am at it. stop. I liked that they gave a red flag so that reality could be seen. ”

And when asked how he was feeling and how was the atmosphere in the box given his particular circumstances, he said: “Let's see, it's not uncomfortable. I, with the team, with my mechanics, I'm great. Another thing is with the Yamaha bosses, but with my mechanics I am perfect and grateful because we have made the most of it. Sometimes it doesn't come out anymore, but nothing happens, it is what it is. We must keep pushing and hopefully by the end of the year we will have the opportunity to have the bike that I had this Sunday in the first outing. For me, it is difficult to give an explanation of what happened, in the sense that it should be the team that gave it. Because in one race everything works fine, in the next the bike doesn't work. This is the handicap that we have in this team and we must try to carry it in the best way possible. I always try to do my best for the fans. When you go out to the first race and you go to the top, eating the one in front because you could be higher, and in the second the opposite happens, it gives me something to think about. It's complicated. ”

To see how this war ends. Maverick broke the contract that joined him with Yamaha for the next season, in which he will race with Aprilia, something that was going to be announced today. It remains to be seen if the storm with Yamaha delays or not the announcement of Maverick's signing by Noale's house and even if it jeopardizes that agreement after learning about his attitude to the Yamaha handlebar at the Red Bull Ring.

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