Why is 'Messi VS Betis' one of the most sought after of Leo's career on YouTube?

A study reveals the videos most demanded by the public about the Argentine's career. His hat-trick at Villamarín is one of the most popular.


Leo Messi's legacy will last forever, not only in the hearts of Barcelona fans, but also in the hearts of millions and millions of people around the world. So much so that there are thousands of videos about the Argentine figure on YouTube and many of them have more than a million views. The British website 'Liverugbytickets' has done a study on which are the most sought after on the video platform and some of them are really surprising. The figures published in the aforementioned study are an average of monthly searches worldwide.

The first three are the most anticipated. The most searched is 'Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo'. His great rivalry with the Portuguese over so many years attracts the interest of an average of 223,600 Internet users per month. This does not imply that only that number of people watch a video on that subject, but that 223,600 on average enter those words to find a summary of their enormous competitiveness over the years. The study clarifies that examples such as 'Messi vs Cristiano' or 'Messi vs CR7' are taken into consideration as the same search. The second is 'Lionel Messi's best skills' (the search is in English), with 207,300 searches per month. Closes the podium 'Lionel Messi best goals' (also in English), with 79,600 interested spectators.

In fifth position appears the most surprising of the top 10: 'Lionel Messi vs Real Betis'. Despite its display, it is not the most memorable game of his career and only the most loyal fans will remember what was special about this game to have such a high interest. In one more day of LaLiga Santander in 2018/19, Barcelona swept their rival by a goal to four, thanks to the three goals of the Argentine star. All of them were of great beauty and, in addition, he made an outstanding match with constant participation in the game and dribbles and plays to frame.

At 18 minutes, he hit an unstoppable left-footed free kick to Pau López's left squad. The replay showed how the goalkeeper tried to stop the ball, but it was absolutely unreachable. On the edge of the break, the visitors widened the distance, thanks to a shot at the first touch by Messi, after a sublime Suarez's heel hit. It is his goal of less beauty that night, although it has a high difficulty, when connecting a first shot with the instep to save the departure of Pau López and the nearby annoyance of Mandi.

Suárez was the author of the third, before the great goal of the Argentine, considered one of the best of the championship. Rakitic gave the ball to Messi, who connected a perfect Vaseline with the instep, who entered the net after touching the crossbar. A subtle touch, first, with the precise thread and beating a goalkeeper who could do nothing. A play that only he saw and that turned into the final 1-4. He wanted to close his private account with the fourth, but he ran into the stick after a new extraordinary move.The rest of the top

In between, 'Lionel Messi vs Liverpool' sneaks in fourth position. The search is due to the first leg of the semifinals of the 2019 Champions League, when Barça won 3-0 against Klopp's, with a free-kick from the Argentine, which would later be the best goal of the season in the competition. Before, he had already scored the second and had given his team half a ticket for the final. However, on the return, the Blaugrana fell apart and were eliminated. If there is a good memory of that, it was Messi's shoe to the squad, in a very distant foul that could mean what finally was not.

'Lionel Messi vs. Real Madrid 'is the sixth in the ranking, due to the important cluster of goals that the' 10 'has left in its matches against the eternal rival. Seventh is 'Lionel Messi best free kicks'; eighth, 'Lionel Messi vs Neymar'; ninth, 'Lionel Messi vs Sevilla'; and tenth, 'Lionel Messi vs Atlético de Madrid'. Curiously, there is not his mythical goal against Getafe, comparable to that of Maradona. At the moment, those are the most popular searches, although the already ex-Azulgrana still has a lot of football left on his legs and everything indicates that he will continue to leave memorable matches in the Parque de los Príncipes ... 444 444

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