"Conservatives? We have a lot of accumulated fatigue"

Only Superman López was encouraged to attack among the candidates for the general and it was with three kilometers to go. He only got four seconds: "Conservatives? There is a lot of fatigue."


The Extremadura super-stage ending at Pico Villuercas barely sparked attacks among the favorites. Yes for the lead, between Guillaume Martin and Odd Christian Eiking, who celebrated as if it were a triumph having kept the red jersey at the top: enormous satisfaction ”. And it is that the Norwegian of Intermarche was aware in the previous one that his options would depend on whether there was a real battle and this just remained in an inconsistent attack by Martin and the start of Superman López in the last three kilometers.For the Colombian from Movistar, the key is that the stages without large mountain profiles have taken a lot of wear and tear: “There were days, especially in this second week, in which the entire first part of the day was filmed at full capacity, and the The escape cost a lot to do, it did not form until after 70, 80 or even 100 kilometers. That high pace, added to the heat we are experiencing, has added more fatigue. ”

The conditions in the last ascent did not help either, in which "the wind hit the head and it was very difficult to open an important hole alone," said López, who this time was Movistar's offensive trick while Enric Mas stayed behind. Primoz Roglic. But it is true that this movement did not happen until the final stretch. “Conservatism among the candidates for the general? I don't know if we were very conservative or not, but the fatigue is already noticeable, "said the fifth overall, who nevertheless made a positive reading. “There came a time when I was about 20 seconds away, in the end it was only a few (four), but I am left with the good feelings.

Another who gave a good image was Egan Bernal, who lived "his best day" after arriving at the same time as Roglic y Mas. But not even that made him cheer up: "What we have been in the race was very hard and in my opinion there is a fear of attacking from afar and then bursting." And, above all, if Roglic's team, the Jumbo, is solid: "Testing when they lead five riders at the head of the group doesn't help." At the moment, the winner of the Giro is not for exhibitions either: “In my case it is no longer that fear, but being realistic. Let's see as the days go by.

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