Waerenskjold's second success with protected Spaniards

Tomorrow there will be a 27-kilometer flat team time trial with a start and finish in Laon, which will make a difference in the general classification.


The Spanish Under-23 team completed the first online stage of the Tour del Porvenir without problems, the longest of the round, which ended with the sprint victory of the leader, the Norwegian Waerenskjold, who adds his second triumph in two days of competition .

The afternoon was marked by an early break that was consolidated with five men who managed a maximum difference close to five minutes. Changizi (Denmark), Wenzel (Luxembourg), Rodríguez (Ecuador), Plapp (Australia) and Coqueret (Hauts-de-France / Grand-Est) understood each other perfectly to offer a nice pulse to the peloton, in which some nations worked for their sprinters.

Changizi, Plapp and Coqueret were the last to resist the push of a group that was hunting them with about five kilometers to go. Shortly thereafter, Marc Brusienen crashed, who had no chance to contest the victory, but is in perfect condition. A triumph that would be again for Waerenskjold. The National Team, with its well-protected captains Juan Ayuso and Carlos Rodríguez, managed to finish within the main group without problems.

Tomorrow there will be a 27-kilometer flat-profile team time trial with a start and finish in Laon, which will once again make a difference for the general standings. Rodríguez started 14th and Ayuso, 15th, in the prologue that opened the competition.

Photos from as.com
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