Villar, imminent signing of Leganés

The Celta goalkeeper (24 years old) will arrive in Butarque on loan. The goal is for him to be on the list against Real Sociedad B. Con Riesgo closes the goal.


Iván Villar (Aldán, 24 years old) is a few hours away from becoming Leganés' new goalkeeper. The Celta goalkeeper, recent Olympic runner-up, will arrive on loan to Butarque and without a purchase option after the pact between clubs for his incorporation was practically closed on Tuesday. The distribution of the card and the penalty for the number of games played were the last obstacles in a negotiation that to the south of the capital has seemed complex, but satisfactory. At last Asier Garitano will have his second goalkeeper in a squad that, for now, only had Asier Riesgo.

“It is not normal to start the championship with a single goalkeeper with a token”, Riesgo himself came to recognize, owner of number 13 on the squad, which will allow the new Blue and White goalkeeper to carry 1. Villar's signing, which is sensed immediately, it will surely prevent such an anomaly in terms of the number of goalkeepers.

For the debut against Real Sociedad B in Donosti (Saturday, 5:00 p.m.) he could already be registered, although with hardly any options to play except surprise. The blue and white roadmap is for Villar to sign his loan contract today and tomorrow to report to Asier Garitano. With only two sessions (Friday will be the last before the match), the goalkeeper of the Olympic Selection would be part of the list of 23 summoned.

Complex dialogue with Celta

His signing has been an issue that has lasted over time. Leganés, as announced by Faro de Vigo, presented an offer for its loan about two weeks ago. Villar's presence at the Olympic Games slowed down a dialogue that has largely depended on Celta and their demands. In Butarque (as in the rest of Spain) they know of the usually harsh conditions that Galicians impose on their outbound movements, especially loans.

During the weekend sources close to Leganés said that the signing could not go ahead, but on Monday the operation gave a significant acceleration when Celta accepted a good part of the conditions offered by Leganés. It happens that it was also important for the resolution of this case that Iván Villar pressed to finish in Butarque and not in other destinations that he had on the table.Good season in Primera

Despite his great campaign last year (he played 23 official games, 21 in the First League without mishaps or serious errors), the recovery of Rubén Blanco and the signing of Matías Dituro (Coudet's express request) left Morracense as third goalkeeper on the Celta squad. Hence his decision to leave. Hence his desire to be important in another team. Leganés has been the destination.

Now it is to be determined if Iván Villar arrives in Butarque to be relevant and habitual in the Leganés goal or if he remains in the shadow of Asier Riesgo. Deba's was, in the final stretch of last season, Garitano's untouchable man.

So much as to remove Cuéllar from the title and be a key piece in the final stretch of the regular championship. Only a gray performance against Rayo in the first leg of the playoff semifinals left shadows of doubt. In any case, Riesgo will start the starting course with the incipient competence of an Iván Villar who, except for surprise, will soon become Leganés goalkeeper.

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