Viera's easy lace

"A good footballer makes any game system better for you," says Pepe Mel. This morning he passed the medical examination and trained on his own.


Since the end of last season, even long before the current one began, it was already known that the main improvement that Las Palmas had to undertake was to equip itself in defense, since 53 goals conceded are completely incompatible with more aspirations than permanence. The offensive flow of the team mattered little, of which there was never any doubt.For this reason, from the first day of the preseason, Pepe Mel's team rehearses both with a line of three centrals with their corresponding lanes and with a four-man rear, both arrangements interchangeable, whether it is from the start of the game or during the same.

Now, with Jonathan Viera on the roster, everything can change. Or not. "A good footballer makes any game system better for you," said the Las Palmas coach before traveling to Girona, when it was already known that Viera's return was a simple matter of hours.

In any case, the yellow dressing room is aware of the need to cover Viera, such as his rise in the group, the undisputed quality jump of Las Palmas with the midfielder, on whom the entire game of the team will be structured once he is physically available. With Sergio Ruiz's guard behind him, Maikel Mesa appears as the main opponent of that double pivot that Mel likes so much, the same with five defenses as with four. The performance of Mfulu remains to be verified.

Likewise, the power of the game between the lines, more now with Viera, multiplies the benefits of the Las Palmas game. "The other teams know that we are really dangerous there," Mel also points out. That association that can be generated between footballers like Viera, Moleiro, Pejiño, Ruiz, Kirian, Mesa or even Peñaranda and Jesé going down to receive the leather gives another dimension to the attack game of the UD.

Precisely, Viera himself passed the mandatory medical examination this morning that definitively confirmed his signing. Later he went to the Ciudad Deportiva de Las Palmas to carry out his first training session, at the moment alone due to his knee discomfort. His progressive integration into Pepe Mel's work group will delay his debut for a few weeks.

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