Vettel, disqualified: Carlos Sainz podium in Hungary

Vettel finished second but was disqualified: his car did not have the required liter of fuel at the end of the race. The Madrilenian, from the fourth to the third.


In the hotel in Budapest, several hours after leaving the circuit, Carlos Sainz 'climbed' on the podium of the Hungarian GP. The Madrilenian was third because Vettel's Aston Martin finished the race without the liter of fuel necessary to carry out the checks. There were barely three deciliters in the green car, the FIA summoned the English to stewards and two hours after the hearing, after protests from the team boss, they disqualified 'Seb', who had fought for victory against Alpine de Ocon, whom he chased until the last lap.

In this somewhat cold, but just as effective way, Sainz gets his second podium as a Ferrari driver (it was 'silver' in Monaco) and reaches another equally relevant milestone: he reaches the summer break ahead of Leclerc in the championship. Yes, the zeros have influenced and Stroll has helped. But at the end of the year, the account that counts is the table of points, few will remember what happened every weekend with exactness. In fact, it is the second consecutive 'drawer' for Maranello: the Monegasque finished just behind Hamilton at Silverstone.

"Today it was not my turn ..."

In conversation with AS, Sainz assessed the race before knowing the last script twist: "Today it was not my turn ... the start put me in a solid position, but we had bad luck with the traffic in the 'pit-lane' (Tsunoda and Latifi passed it) and I lost a lot of time. Then I was able to do the 'overcut', but we did not do well at the weekend with the hard tire and in that part of the race I suffered, I pressed a lot when Hamilton came and I ended up without wheels and saving fuel ".

"In the last laps I was fighting with Fernando and Hamilton and then Ricciardo did not help to defend me against Lewis. But hey, if they had told me on Saturday that I would finish fourth and fight for the podium, I would have taken it. But seeing Esteban and Sebastian ahead, I think we should have been in that fight for victory, "he conceded to this newspaper before the verdict of the stewards, and taking into account that he had started 15th on the grid after his unfortunate accident in Q2 on Saturday. The final podium eases the balance, no doubt. He already has four in Formula 1 and takes him to sixth place in the World Championship with three points over Leclerc.

Sainz made Ferrari strategy

His career left another curious moment: the engineers asked Sainz to stop much earlier than the pilot wanted. They were thus covered by the Alpha Tauri, when Carlos's objectives were a lot. More ambitious. He opposed them, although later he clarified: "Neither I nor the team expected to be so fast in the 'overcut', but I wanted to convey to them that if I had one more lap, it would be very fast with clean air. It was the right decision, the team was agree and we overtake the two cars with a very good pace. These are the things that with more experience races, will be accentuated. "Binotto also clarified:" This year we have made good strategies and they are also due to the comments of the drivers, that They are the ones who are in the car and ultimately know the situation. We reviewed the simulation and concluded that (staying on the track) was the right decision. "

Sainz is not going on vacation yet, he is staying in Budapest for a few days because on Wednesday he will participate in the Pirelli test with the 18-inch tires. It will be the definitive test of the smooth compound and the Madrid native will have to get on a Ferrari adapted to these tires, the ones from 2022. It does not seem like the plan he dreamed of after eleven races packed into a dizzying calendar, and with another twelve great prizes ahead since late summer. But surely after a third place at the Hungaroring that was implausible hours before, everything tastes better.

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