Urbas leaves Fuenla in the lurch to go to football

The sponsor of Fuenlabrada, Urbas Grupo Financiero, wants to terminate the contract signed until 2023 and has announced its relationship with CD Leganés.


On June 3, 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Urbas Grupo Financiero signed a three-year sponsorship contract with Basketball Fuenlabrada, until the end of the 2022-23 season, with the aim of making the company known by joining a Endesa League club, whose matches are televised in Spain and in 150 other countries. The contract included the assignment to the company of the team's name, which was renamed Urbas Fuenlabrada. The good end of the season has allowed Fuenla to finish 15th in the League and maintain the category, so he understood that Urbas's sponsorship continued as agreed.

The company, however, has relied on the lack of public and the impossibility of attending the pavilion and enjoying the entrances in the field to claim that it has not received what was agreed in the contract and justify its resolution unilaterally , as he communicated to the club a couple of weeks ago. In Fuenlabrada they believe that the reasons given for a listed company are not very credible, since a contract of this type is not based on the inputs provided, and, in addition, the pact was initialed in the middle of the pandemic, when they were already known the public restrictions at that time (the league final was to be played in the Valencia bubble) and those that were to come for the start of the 2020-21 season.

Urbas speaks of great difficulties caused by the contract and in the club they remember the interview in El País on July 26 with the president and CEO of the company, Juan Antonio Acedo, in which reference was made to a benefit of the company in 2020 of 8 million euros and it was calculated that by 2025 the turnover could reach 1,000 million without giving up being able to go public on the Ibex 35.

In Fuenlabrada Basketball they think that the only reason for Urbas's departure is his new commitment to sponsor a football team, specifically CD Leganés, of the Second Division, whose agreement has been made official this Monday, and he wants to leave the basketball without fulfilling the commitments acquired by contract.

The Madrid club has thus sent a request to Urbas in which he argues that the reasons given are false and claims the amount of money that the company owes him on the date of the breach of the contract, more than 225,000 euros, and points out that, if there is no prior solution, it will have to be resolved in court.

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