Trembling pulse for another 0-0

Espanyol returns to Primera in their stadium with a match played face to face against Villarreal and with a goal annulled by Wu Lei by hand in the last breath.


Espanyol and Villarreal have started LaLiga the same, with two 0-0 that do not do justice to their offensive production. The one at the RCDE Stadium was a hectic match, where the players finished off all the oxygen from Cornellà-El Prat, a round trip with hardly any rest ... And also without aim. Perhaps because of the desire to see spectators in the stands, because of the fun and passion it arouses, the teams gave themselves from the beginning to the final whistle. Villarreal has already left four points in Emery's goal of "taking another step in LaLiga" and Espanyol continues adding and showing that permanence is a minor goal.

Spurred on by the public, who welcomed his team shouting "champions" for the title achieved last year in LaLiga SmartBank, Espanyol came out like a hungry caged lion. As if those 538 days without spectators at the RCDE Stadium had been without putting something in their mouths. At 15 seconds, corner in favor. And the minute between Darder and Embarba they sewed a play that could end in 1-0.

The game was played at an intense pace from the start. Villarreal quickly showed where he put his compass, and it was on the back of David López and Darder, who made his debut after his suspension on the first day. Trigueros, Moi Gómez or Gerard himself tried to receive in that area to penetrate the parakeet defense like a knife in butter. It closed well, in solidarity and with a good withdrawal, Espanyol.

The first half ended goalless but it was extremely entertaining. Both teams played without complexes. Espanyol had a one on one of Rdt in '18 that, well covered by Rulli, failed to convert, as Alberto Moreno had in '35 or Puado, who did not finish off with a nail, in 43 '. Moreno himself, passing another Moreno, Gerard, ran into the Galician goalkeeper's right hand, for sure. There was a minute left for that part, in which Pedrosa injured him after a dribble by Gerard and had to be replaced by Dídac.

From RdT to Wu Lei's award-free celebration

The pace did not stop. In the first 15 minutes, Pedraza sent a deflected shot from the edge while RdT looked for the squad without luck and then scored but offside. Emery moved the bench in search of more control, with Coquelin for Trigueros. The yellow ones settled in the parakeet field, but Espanyol, a chameleonic team, also knows how to live by shrinking water. He resisted and came out on the counterattack launched by Puado, Darder and Embarba.

The minutes passed and the rhythm declined, with a Villarreal that had the ball and Espanyol that did damage in the spaces, but with the aim deflected. They lowered the revolutions at the end, in conformity with the 0-0. Morlanes even made his debut with Espanyol when he was training with Villarreal a week ago. The surprise was saved for the last breath. Embarba hit the crossbar after Rulli's deflection and Wu Lei scored. The stands went crazy, the Espanyol players jumped for joy, but the Chinese forward helped himself with his hand. Thus ended a frenetic match that, strange as it may seem, ended 0-0. A paradox of the second day.

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