This is Picón Blanco, the first giant of La Vuelta

The first high finish of the race arrives today, Monday, August 16. AS recognizes the 7.6 km port at 9.3% along with two land cyclists, Ángel Fuentes and Mario Aparicio.


La Vuelta 2021 will not wait long to ascend the first great colossus of its 76th edition (from August 14 to September 5). Picón Blanco, the first-class port of Burgos whose ascent begins in Espinosa de los Monteros, will be the first unprecedented high final of the race, the goal of the third stage that will take place on Monday, August 16. A very hard climb of 7.6 km at 9.3% on average that is presented as the first big test. The culmination of the three days of the round in the province.

To recognize it, AS comes accompanied by two cyclists from the land, Ángel Fuentes from Burgos and Mario Aparicio from Aragon, runners from Burgos BH. The former knows him well, since he has promoted him in the Vuelta a Burgos, an appointment that premiered this summit with great results. There is even one painted with his name on the asphalt. For Aparicio, who is making his professional debut, it is the first time. Two points of view on this attractive port.

El Picón Blanco owes its name to the snow that accumulates in winter, although at this time the weather is expected to be pleasant. Something that the peloton will appreciate in a port whose beginning is the least wild, with ramps that are around 7%. It barely lasts three kilometers, until it reaches "an area of forest in which one of the key points is located: a kilometer at 13% that does a lot of damage," points out Fuentes.

For Aparicio, having recognized the ascent before the stage can give an advantage. "If you know where the hard part is, the runner can regulate, not spend more than necessary, take advantage of the landings and reserve for those sections in which an important selection is going to be made," he corroborates. And it is true that as the kilometers advance, the port is transformed. The vegetation opens up to reveal endless green meadows. The road no longer leaves the percentages above 10%. The impression is that of being before a colossus. To top it all, the wind can be another element that marks the race. “When I went up in La Vuelta Burgos 2020, it hit us on the ass. If I do it face-to-face, it changes completely ”, points out Fuentes. "In this area that will determine the strategy," adds Aparicio, who despite the demands, appreciates being able to climb it without being in competition and being able to admire the fantastic views of the climb. From its summit, with the Soba Valley in its splendor, the Cantabrian Sea almost seems to be glimpsed in the background.

But to get there, the cyclists face a very long straight, which little by little heads towards an abandoned military base that gives the summit a special charm. Fuentes warns that "this is another important moment." He hopes that by then the group of favorites will barely hold eight or ten runners. Whoever has saved a gram of energy, again has slopes above 15% to try to do damage. "This final part is very demanding, I am sure that we are going to see who has come to win La Vuelta and which cyclists considered favorites start to lose time," he explains.

In conclusion, everything indicates that it will be seen a show. "The arrival of La Vuelta will mean that this ascent is known much more and that people want to come to climb it, the environment is fantastic and the ascent, very attractive and demanding," concludes Aparicio after arriving with Fuentes at the place where the goal will be located, which is a continuous trickle of cyclists. And both express a wish, that their colleagues from Burgos-BH cross it next Monday after having been protagonists. "Hopefully they will be able to give the fans a joy," they agree. They know that the eyes of world cycling will be in this Picón Blanco. The first colossus of La Vuelta, the Burgos giant.

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