This is how Maverick revolutionized the M1 and for what Yamaha sanctions him

DAZN brings to light the last laps of Maverick Viñales in last Sunday's race, where the sound of the Yamaha engine is clearly heard.


If the relationship between Yamaha and Maverick Viñales was already tense, the bombshell news this Thursday finished breaking what little was left of this pair. The brand of the tuning forks announced this Thursday that the Spaniard would not be part of this Sunday's race because some of his actions in the last race "could have caused significant damage to the engine." A serious accusation that put the entire paddock on edge, without really understanding what had happened to reach this decision.

After an afternoon of rumors and accusations towards the Spanish pilot, DAZN has released a very revealing video. In it you can clearly hear the reason why Yamaha opened Maverick Viñales off the bike for, at least, this appointment at the Red Bull Ring. In the last laps of the last race (where it is also noted in the MotoGP data that it is Spanish he was much slower, above 1'30), the Roses rider opened the engine of his M1 excessively revved, even in the entrance to the pitlane, abandoning the race moments before the checkered flag.

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