This is a day in the Movistar Team in the Tour of Spain

After a night's rest, the day begins with a good breakfast and the transfer to the corresponding starting point of each stage.


Silence, roll! The 76th edition of La Vuelta is touring Spain these days with the participation, for the 42nd consecutive year, of the Movistar Team. And it is that Telefónica, joined to the Spanish team since 2011, has extended its alliance with cycling in 2021 until next 2023, so both adding kilometers together to a counter that already exceeds 3,500,000.

The blue team has attended the Spanish round with Miguel Ángel López, Enric Mas, Nelson Oliveira, Carlos Verona, Alejandro Valverde, Johan Jacobs, José Joaquín Rojas and Imanol Erveti, some hundred percent runners prepared to live three weeks to the highest demand physical and psychological.

Dawn in the Vuelta a España

Burgos, Gandía, Santa Pola, Roquetas de Mar, Antequera, Laredo, Sanxenxo ... These are just some of the exits through which the 'telephone' squad passes in this Vuelta 2021. It always does so after a night of absolute rest after finishing the previous stage.

In the morning, the routine is clear: the Movistar Team day begins with an energetic breakfast according to the corresponding test. In this meal, hydrates of different assimilation are taken, such as rice, pasta or fruit. Protein is also essential, but it must be in the right amount: they usually eat eggs, ham, salmon ... Of course, each master-chef-has his own booklet and each runner, his preferences.When it comes time to transfer to the starting point of each stage, some runners opt for coffee or banana, although there are more options: hydrating drinks, red fruit yogurt ... However, the most important thing for Movistar Team runners It is concentration for the race.

Normally, the departure occurs between 13:25 and 14:55, Spanish time ...

The Movistar Team provisioning during the race

The moment of the race has come, in which it is possible to exceed 100 kilometers per hour on some descents. Sprints, meanwhile, reach 65-70 km / hour. Cyclists typically do 100-120 strokes per kilometer, which translates into wasted energy. And it is that in very hot stages a runner can lose between one or two and a half kilos.

That is why during the race the refreshment station takes on special relevance. When facing the stage, the caloric expenditure is calculated according to the profile of the day to know the amount of hydrates that the Movistar Team riders need throughout the day.

For example, Alejandro Valverde may have half a banana, rice cakes - made by hand - and quince or Nutella buns on his 'menu' for initial refreshments. But runners also carry gels with them. There are isotonic and energetic ones, with caffeine. The latter, for the final stretch of the race.

Regarding drinks, cyclists have a can of normal water, another with mineral salts and another of food - the latter marked to differentiate them - .

Hydration and recovery at the end of the day

After reaching the finish line, a deep hydration and recovery process begins, also at the time of the massages. After a dinner also marked by the next day's stage, it is time to sleep and regain strength. It's time to keep rolling!

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