This Coutinho is a ruin

The most expensive signing in the club's history accumulates 230 days 'disappeared'. Devalued, with the second highest chip and without a number, his future is unknown.


When the name of Philippe Coutinho is pronounced in 'Can Barça' it is usually accompanied by an uncomfortable silence. The obscurantism that moves everything that surrounds the Brazilian forward invites us to think that neither the club nor the player are satisfied with this situation. The Brazilian, despite being discharged on Saturday August 7, still does not appear on the pitch. In the club they assure that it is only a "sports decision", while from the player's environment it is explained that "he is still injured". Be that as it may, Ronald Koeman has decided to snatch the number 14 from him and hand it over to a youngster recently promoted to the first team, Albanian striker Rey Manaj. While it is true that Coutinho could still recover the 14th by not officially playing with that number yet, it does not seem that the Brazilian is in a position to appear in the next few days.In fact, the last time Coutinho was seen dressed in a short with the Blaugrana elastic was on December 29, 2020 against Eibar at the Camp Nou, leaving in the second half for Pjanic and falling injured a few minutes later. Three days later, the player underwent surgery to undergo surgery on the external meniscus of his left knee. The medical report specified a three-month absence. However, various complications during the recovery, which the club unsuccessfully tried to hide, ended up with Coutinho's bones again in an operating room, but this time in Brazil. The new part fixed another four more months.

The preseason started with a very good feeling. So much so that the sports management contemplated that he was the first injured to reappear. On August 7, hope finally opened up when he was discharged and entered the call for the Gamper. But Koeman decided at the last minute to 'forget' the Brazilian, jumping off the list. From there, again without news of the player, who did not even make the list for the premiere of the League this weekend.

Coutinho is a real hot potato for Barcelona. With a contract still until June 30, 2023, and with the second highest card in the squad, at a rate of around 24 million euros gross per season, the solution to this case seems overwhelming. With the transfer completely ruled out, the only way out is a transfer, as was forged two seasons ago with Bayern Munich, an unfortunate memory for everyone: the player was the protagonist in the Champions League match against Barcelona when he finished 2-8 , with two goals and one assist.

It is not that far away on January 6, 2018 when the club, then chaired by Josep Maria Bartomeu, decided to throw the house out the window and pay for what is not written by Coutinho. The global price agreed with Liverpool was 160 million, divided into 120 fixed and 40 in variable. These variables have been met systematically, but the club ensures that the last clause of 20 million is not true if the player reaches 100 games. Right now it adds up to 90.

Nor does his introverted and shy character radically different from his compatriots like Ronaldinho or Neymar help, and even less some gestures out of context, which were received with whistles by the stands, such as the day he happened to cover his ears after scoring a goal. From that moment, April 21, 2019, each presence of the striker was received with a loud whistle, despite the fact that the player tried to clarify that the gesture was for the media and not for the fans.From clumsiness to clumsiness and from fiasco to fiasco, Coutinho's time at Barcelona is turning into a real ordeal. Indicated by Koeman, without a number, without confidence, without the support of the public and devalued, the future of Coutinho remains a mystery.

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