There is already the first offer from Madrid for Mbappé: € 160M!

As El Chiringuito has advanced and AS was able to confirm, Madrid has made its first formal offer to PSG and requests permission to speak with the player to close his signing this summer.


The soap opera Mbappé is hotter than ever. Paris Saint-Germain is beginning to resign with the idea of renewing their star and the possibility that Madrid will sign him this summer is getting bigger and bigger. There would even already be a white offer in the offices of the Park of the Princes. As El Chiringuito advanced and AS confirmed through Madrid sources, the Concha Espina club has offered 160 million euros to bring Mbappé.

Although he would be free next season, Madrid are fully aware that the ideal would be for this to arrive. For this reason, they are willing to make an upward offer and leave in the background the option of free arrival in 2022. However, as this newspaper has learned, there is some skepticism with the idea that they accept the offer, aware that PSG is not a selling club and that they could force him to stay one more year. "For them money is not a problem and that is a handicap in the negotiation", club sources comment to this newspaper.

The care regarding the negotiations with the player and PSG has been total, to such an extent that at no time has there been a formal offer, aware that the Qatari leaders still harbored any hope of staying with the striker. Now that things have gone awry for them, they could open up a possible sale.

The news was quickly echoed in France and there were even journalists who went further. According to Julien Maynard, from the Telefoot network and with a good relationship with Mbappé, PSG would have rejected that first attempt by Madrid. Shortly after, the newspaper L'Equipe confirmed that the intention of the entity continues to be to keep the 22-year-old player. "They remain inflexible," signs the prestigious newspaper.

The British page TalkSports has also reported the offer, although in their case they speak of 160 million pounds (186 euros). He also confirms the information given in France a few days ago, ensuring that the player only thinks about playing in white next season and that he has rejected PSG's renewal offers on numerous occasions. Despite the fact that the only offer has come from an English club, as RMC advanced, the player only has two options: continue a year in Paris forcibly or go to Madrid.In addition, TalkSports also confirms the information given by AS ensuring that the sale of Mbappé is closely linked to the possible arrival of Cristiano to PSG. The club's owners want to replace their star if he ends up leaving and right now the Portuguese is the first option to replace him. For its part, CR7 is eager to leave Juventus and would welcome the continuation of his career in France.

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