The triple conspiracy of Leganés

Leganés trusts in a triple improvement to scare away the crisis: sports improvement (results), social (raising the spirits) and institutional (positive message).


The defeat of Leganés this Saturday against Ibiza (1-2) has left the pepineros on the brink of a state of crisis. The club has immersed itself in reflection to find answers and, above all, solutions with which to set the course in this season of irregular results, with only one point out of nine possible. The coaching staff, led by Asier Garitano, is aware of the sensitivity of the situation it needs, they insist on Butarque, a triple conspiracy: sports, institutional and social to make pineapple and relaunch the team before the drift becomes enmeshed in a problem chronic that goes beyond the competitive.

“Many conflicts have to be solved. The atmosphere from the beginning has given me that feeling ”, Garitano himself commented yesterday in the press room. The coach was referring to the multiple fronts of tension that have been opened in recent months and that paint a complex and excessively critical panorama even when the results were accompanying, as happened in the final stretch of last season. With the team launched in third place, dissatisfaction lived installed in Leganés. Now, with three games left unbeaten, the trend is even higher.

The first, the results

At the bosom of the bench and the dressing room they are aware that the first thing that must change (here is the first conspiracy) are the results and the game, for now far from what is desired. Here there are hopes for a relatively immediate improvement. First, because with the closing of the market the uncertainties affecting many players will evaporate, dissatisfied with their current role and expectant at the option of their exit, although in Butarque they do not expect many movements.

There are also pending arrivals that may affect their current role. “When a market ends after LaLiga starts, it tends to be distracting… it tends to be very distracting. I'm looking forward to Tuesday-Wednesday. Know who we are going to count on. That will already be a step forward, ”Garitano repeated yesterday in the press room.

In addition, the passage of time will allow the physical conditioning of players who are called to be key in this team, in the case of Borja Garcés, who made his debut yesterday after having done only one training session with the team. Something similar happens with Fede Vico, still at half gas due to his absence of collective work before signing for Leganés or with Jon Bautista, recently incorporated and in need of adaptation to the idea that Garitano intends. Avilés or Recio (injured and recently recovered) will also improve as time goes on.

Drive away nervousness

With the squad closed and rolled, the normal thing is that its performance improves significantly, except that the nerves metastasize in the spirits of some players with signs of anxiety precisely because of the rarefied environment that surrounds the team.

“We did not just get the victory. That creates an environment that is not good for anyone. We are the first to be aware that things have to be done better. People make the effort to come [to the stadium]. It seems that you let him down… when you are the first one interested in it going well. An environment is created that is not positive. We have all been making a great effort: the one who comes to see us, and we with a lot of work behind us. It's frustrating, ”captain Unai Bustinza commented yesterday in the club's media, pointing out one of the aspects that is expected to improve for the next matches.

The tension around the team has grown and, now with the return of the public to Butarque, has crystallized in criticism and whistles that emerged yesterday against Ibiza as soon as the first quarter of an hour of the match. Sensation of high criticism that has provoked reactions on social networks from fans who ask for support for the team beyond results.

Some legend has adhered to that message, such as Luis Ángel Duque, former coach of the Blue and Whites, who has claimed that “to wrap up the team, because the opposite is to give the opponent an advantage. Lega is what it is thanks to its fans. Let us not forget ”, he wrote on Twitter, asking for a change in trend (here is the second conspiracy) in the criticism around the pepineros.

Institutional strength

“People, I think that given the difficulty, will be with the team. People plugged in. It is a fundamental part for us. I hope so, that we will improve ”, Garitano also confessed in the press room, in the same vein of a message that will surely be promoted by the club in the coming weeks.

The institutional is precisely the space in which a third conspiracy is expected to relax spirits, inject calm around the team and hope that the mixture of other factors helps to recover the image and the results in the face of two complicated games ( departures to Eibar and Gijón), but also motivating to change the results and ward off any threat of crisis.

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