The stage of the day: the wind threatens another flat day

The day between Tarancón and Albacete once again has the threat of the wind in a completely flat profile with interest for sprinters.


La Vuelta disputes its fifth stage this Wednesday, a day that all teams with aspiring generals have marked in red despite their flat profile. And the fact is that the day that leaves Tarancón with the end in Albacete again has the danger of the wind. Historically, the stages that have ended in the city of La Mancha have always had this danger, so the teams will be very aware of the possibility of fans.With that spice, the stage is once again presented as another opportunity to experience a massive arrival, with the added interest of the fight for the green jersey that Fabio Jakobsen wore yesterday with his triumph in Molina de Aragón.

A stage in which the nervousness that is being experienced in the arrivals was verified, as exemplified by the fall of the leader, Rein Taaramäe. In that outcome, a sprinter like Jon Aberasturi, from Caja Rural, who hopes to celebrate the team's ten participations with a victory, will also try to find their option: "It's difficult but not impossible."

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