The Škoda Enyaq repeats as the Vuelta director's car

Javier Guillén once again has the 100% electric vehicle of the Czech brand to transmit all the necessary instructions during the Spanish cycling event.


Škoda continues to lead. The Czech brand, official partner of La Vuelta a España since 2011, will repeat the opening race in the great cycling round of our territory in 2021, as it also did in the Tour de France this year.It will do so with the Enyaq iV, which in 2020 was the first electric car used in this test and from which Javier Guillén, director of La Vuelta, will be in charge of transmitting all the necessary instructions.Škoda and cycling, the never-ending love story

Y is that talking about Škoda is talking about bicycles. The origin of this love story dates back to 1894, when a 26-year-old could not get the parts necessary to fix his bike. It was then that Václav Klement, as this enterprising bookseller was called, decided to open his own bicycle repair shop. And for this, he enlisted the help of an experienced manufacturer of this two-wheeler, Václav Laurín.

Both began this adventure in 1895 with the opening of a small workshop, with five employees, in the city of Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic (formerly Austro-Hungary). A business began to grow there that a year later was already selling up to five models of the SLAVIA bicycle, which featured its anthracite black frame finish, unique geometry, exceptional seatpost and retro tires with white stripes.

The love for the bike of the two Škoda founders did not stop there and during the following years they continued to innovate in a wide range of models, from those adapted for children and women to tandems. Without forgetting chain or axle drive bicycles and even tricycles.

In the following decades came the motorcycle, the automobile, the crisis caused by the First World War and the union with French owners, which gave rise to the giant Škoda based in Pilsen (Czech Republic). From that moment to the present day, the green brand has continued to innovate until it has become a fixture in the world where it was born: cycling.

From the factory to the platoon

Thus, intact, this love story continues today that seems endless. Škoda has been an official partner of La Vuelta a España since 2011 and it will once again sponsor the green jersey of the great test of our territory, which rewards the cyclist who gets the most points.

But its presence in the peloton is even greater, since its connection with professional cycling dates back to 2004, when the Czech brand became an official partner, official vehicle and sponsor of the Tour de France white jersey, which honors the youngest of the test.

In this way, Škoda vehicles have gained the trust of cycling teams thanks to their habitability, equipment, reliability, technology and, of course, safety.

The Škoda Enyaq and the commitment to sustainability

Years of work in favor of sustainability and caring for the environment bore fruit with the creation of the Škoda Enyaq iV, the company's first 100% electric car and the first to be used in the Tour of Spain last year. A milestone that gets its continuity in 2021, in which the Enyaq will open the race again by repeating as the vehicle of the director of the test Javier Guillén.

This SUV has batteries of up to 500 kilometers of autonomy, which makes it the perfect element to avoid pollution to the maximum in a test, the Vuelta, which runs through places where nature is the protagonist.

Equipped with all the qualities and comforts so that Javier Guillén can transmit the necessary instructions, it also has the following specificities: panoramic roof, six antennas, special sirens, a refrigerator and a state-of-the-art communication and command center.

It is already a fact, the Škoda Enyaq will add another Vuelta to its lofty resume: in which the 2020 and 2021 Tour and last year's Spanish cycling event are already.

* This content offered by Škoda has been prepared by Diario AS.

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