The Sixers give it all to Embiid: 4 years and 196 million

According to Ramona Shelburne (ESPN), the Cameroonian center will sign a super maximum with Philadelphia. The franchise continues to seek fate for Ben Simmons.


Philadelphia 76ers are clear about who their star should be. According to ESPN journalist Ramona Shelburne, the franchise and its reference player, Joel Embiid, will close an extension of four more years at a rate of 196 million dollars. Subsequently, Adrian Wojnarowski, a media colleague, has confirmed the information. The renewal, taking into account the figures, corresponds to a super-maximum contract, everything that the Cameroonian pivot could aspire to and everything that the organization could offer him. In sum, for Embiid, it will mean receiving a total of 261 million until the 2026-27 season. Of his current contract, which will be exhausted, he still had 65 million to enter.

The bet, for all this, is total. Since, in 2014, the player was chosen by the Sixers themselves in third place in the Draft, he was called to lead the project. Once again, it is confirmed. Also, with Operation Ben Simmons underway. After being a seemingly inseparable couple in recent seasons, the franchise is in the process of finding a new destination for the point guard. They were the chosen ones to culminate The Process; But eventually, Embiid will be the sole leader of the mission.

The new signing, according to Shelburne, will mean paying everything to his star player. All the years of the relationship will be guaranteed and, in addition, they will not contain any type of protective clause for the franchise, something that the 147 million extension that the player signed in 2017 did. Then, several points were established that, through sales, safeguarded the team from possible serious injury. In fact, this same season, Embiid was off the slopes for a significant part of the regular season due to hyperextension in his left knee. Then, in the playoffs, the physical problems reappeared, but in the opposite knee. The pivot was able to continue playing in the final phase, but greatly diminished, finally succumbing to the Atlanta Hawks.

In spite of everything, Embiid was one of the most outstanding players of the campaign and finished second in the votes for the MVP, for which he was favorite until the arrival of the setbacks. His position in the award, in this sense, was one of the necessary conditions to be able to sign a super maximum like the current one, along with inclusion in the best quintets of the competition. Finally, he was present at the second. For this, a galactic campaign culminated. He averaged 28.5 points and 10.6 rebounds in the 51 games he played and it was an illusion for the franchise, which, in the first part of the season, saw the ring closer than (almost) ever, one that has been resisting since 1983. Daryl Morey, who was making his debut as director of operations, even went so far as to assure that, if he did not win the championship, the season would be a failure. With Embiid insured for the long term, the possibilities stretch over time.

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