The redemption of Jesé Rodríguez is already underway

Shortly after jumping onto the grass against Valladolid, he made the tie in a sublime way. He made his debut as captain of Las Palmas. Leader's speech and attitude.

Jesé appears every week as the man of a thousand battles in his particular crusade to once again be the 'Bichito' that he aimed so much for and promised during his stay at Real Madrid, a prodigy of La Fábrica since he was a cadet. His bloody fight against his lustrous past is now joined by the effects of COVID-19, a battered ankle and the continuing need to prove more than anyone every time he jumps on the grass. Your resume demands it.

He began his second stage in Las Palmas like the first, in the winter market. The last one, moreover, he was without a team until he signed with UD. His discreet numbers, two goals in 16 games, had an excuse. "Doing a full preseason with us can be decisive," their coach, Pepe Mel, and the president and maximum shareholder of the Gran Canaria entity, Miguel Ángel Ramírez, repeated like a mantra.Renewed for a season, the first one he had went straight to the pot. Loading reasons to those who blindly trust him. In his preseason debut, against Wolverhampton and in Marbella, he made the final 1-3 in favor of his team. And that much of the work prior to that challenge on July 26, he had been doing alone due to his ankle discomfort and the consequences of those who overcame COVID-19.

And in the first league game, on Sunday against Valladolid, he made his debut as captain. "I am very happy to wear the bracelet of this historic club," he announced. In his definitive redemption, football so cruel that he already seems tired of waiting for him, he entered in the 58th minute and six later he made the final 1-1 in a superb way, nor that the indomitable spirit of the Bichito dropped by the Gran Canaria Stadium . His message to the stands in the ecstasy of the celebration was unequivocal: “'Let's go !!”

"We are on the road" .

"We are on the road. The sensations are good ”, he assured at the conclusion of yesterday's game against Valladolid. "I'm happy for the goal but more for the team's reaction when we were losing," he confessed. Eternally discussed by the fans of Las Palmas, yesterday he took several strides in search of fraternization: “Your support is very important, it always has been. The goal was special because it was able to get rid of the anger that I had to celebrate a goal with my hometown team and with my fans ".

Not that it was the CID, he won when he least seemed to. Gesture and attitude of captain. Maximum intensity. And a redemption in progress.

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