The positives and negatives: what awaits Garuba at the Rockets

The still Real Madrid player points to the Rockets, the team that has chosen him in the 2021 NBA Draft, in decline after Harden's departure.


The rocket-like landing of Usman Garuba in the Rockets can be a fact only if the player gives the OK, something that has already happened in Real Madrid and with the opposite result. The Madrid native should make, at 19, the opposite decision to that made by his teammate Sergio Llull, who refused to play in the NBA in exchange for staying in Europe with one of the best possible contracts. For Usman it would be to fulfill a dream that has haunted his head since he was little.

As for what to find in Houston, should you go, there are clouds and clearings.

Garuba arrives with much more international balance than some of his possible new, even older teammates. His work in the Euroleague, especially this last season with historic performances against Efes, and the accumulated baggage in the League, with more and more presence since he arrived in the first team, make him a value for which to bet on the safe side. despite his youth. In the franchise their defense stands out, as is logical. You will need to improve your shot if you want to be a '4' of medium-term guarantees, something that has been polishing in the last year and a half.

The Rockets, since the transfer of Russell Westbrook and the subsequent agreement for James Harden, the star of the franchise for eight years and the one who raised them to the top positions in the West, to seek another destination, accompanied by other movements such as the new Champion PJ Tucker, they're in the deep end. They won one of the three places to play the first place in the NBA Draft, getting second and Jalen Green in it.

Garuba will have Wood as its main competition. They bet on him as a big man last summer, charging 13.6 million this next year as a token of this. He is the one destined to be a starter unless he plays with children and his performance has already been positive, close to the All-Star despite the losses. Now a Sengun joins who, among what is acclimatized, looks good as his substitute. Olynyk, who finished the season very well, is a free agent. Only two restricted free agents remain on the inside, the perhaps profitable Wilson and Oliver. For the power forward, only Garuba can be seen, this being the real good news. He should have minutes to spare to become the pivotal axis of the new culture that Rafael Stone, the manager who has opted for him, wants to impose.

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The role of the Rockets in the group is complicated, yes. 17-55 was their record last season, sunk in misery since January with players who were already thinking about something else. Those who stayed yes or yes, in this season that is now entering and in which they have a lot of young momentum. What they wanted. John Wall, Avery Bradley or DJ Augustin are veterans with level for the outside positions, Eric Gordon is a superclass, Kevin Porter has already had a game of fifty points, Danuel House contributes up and down and Jae'Sean Tate showed in his season rookie as an advocate to be reckoned with. It will depend on their physique and their ability to get along with the new ones who hit a rise, be it more or less strong, in the most complicated conference of the two, counting on the fact that Christian Wood's injury is already past.

In charge of the bench is Stephen Silas, ignored in his first year as head coach. He will catch the new ones with a crazy desire. He is measured, he has experience and he wants to change the very marked style that Houston has had in recent years, in which they were on the verge of beating the best Warriors of the Kerr era. No more abuse of the triple, something that will also help to adapt to a Garuba that in 2020/21 has averaged a 31.5% accuracy in long distance shots between Spain and Europe. Will fit.

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