The pending subjects of the last day of the azulón market

The arrival of a forward and a midfielder, essential for sports management. The future of Belman also colea in this last day.


The Fuenlabrada looks to the last day of the summer market with several pending issues. The arrival of a forward and an attacking midfielder are key to the Azulona sports management and it is where they will spend the rest and most of their time. However, they also want to find a solution to the issue of Belman. What has been seen at this start of the championship has made it clear that the Fernando Torres team needs a nine that carries the scoring weight and, above all, the danger in the blood. Zozulia is working like the most but, for the moment, he has not been seen even close to the goal. On the other hand, Kanté is not a pure nine and plays better with someone who discharges responsibility. For this reason, Fuenlabrada was named after two old acquaintances as main targets: Borja Garcés and Sekou Gassama. However, both have enlisted in the ranks of Leganés and Málaga, respectively. A hard blow for the Azulón fans. On the other hand, the arrival of a more offensive midfielder would also be essential at Torres. Cristóbal, the helm of this team at 37 years old, needs a player who can give him rest in the demanding and exhausting season that is presented. Without neglecting the 'obligation' that prevails in Fuenlabrada to double each position. It happens that there is no other midfielder of that style in the squad. Money is being the main obstacle for Fuenlabrada when closing these operations. Málaga and Leganés showed much more economic muscle than the azulones and took the pair of goals for Fuenlabrada. For this reason, it would not be strange to think that Fuenlabrada closed some assignment of a First team that could assume part of the player's file as already happened with Feuillassier, Gassama or Borja Garcés.

The storm Belman

The situation with Belman, a priori, has not changed much since last Friday. The goalkeeper wants to leave the club, but no offer has yet come in for him, AS learned. Fuenlabrada has signed Altube and Miguel Morro this summer, two guaranteed goalkeepers, but the Alicante player has a contract and a renewal offer that he has rejected.

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