The nonsense of Formula 1

The Belgian GP was raced, but it was not raced. Verstappen won a race that was not a race. A paripe was mounted to establish a classification ...


The Formula 1 World Championship sailed this Sunday in the absurd until it was shipwrecked at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Not because of the resolution not to compete, that can be understood if the safety of the pilots is endangered. Carlos Sainz himself, in his sincere explanation in AS, relates that from his tenth place he did not see "not a meter." The epic of yesteryear, the times of Niki Lauda or Jackie Stewart, no longer exist, because the speeds of the single-seaters are greater. And also the sensitivity of a more protective paddock. The same happens in other sports, for example in cycling, where we have seen routes neutralized by inclement weather that previously not only did not prevent running, but were part of the feat. That is history. The conditions of the Belgian Grand Prix were not suitable for driving. And you have to accept it.The absurdity, the grotesque, does not lie in that decision, which can be understandable when the integrity of an athlete is at stake. The nonsense comes because this Sunday it was run, but it did not run. A race that was not a race was contested. There was no competition, but a paripe was mounted to establish a classification of a grand prize that has not existed. After comings and goings, meetings, weather reports, the grid was formed and made two laps behind the safety car, the minimum required by regulation to make the posts official. The shortest race in history lasted 4 hours and 45 minutes, to finish off the paradox. If that dictates the rule, it will have to be revised and changed, for the credibility of F1. Max Verstappen won a race that he did not win and has cut points from Lewis Hamilton, who finished on a podium that did not finish. And between them was George Russell, the rider of the future, who achieved his first drawer on the merit of having made a good qualifying on Saturday. The public, by the way, endured all the sainete draft. Let's see if they at least give you your money back.

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