The Nets will shield their 'Big Three'

Sean Marks, the franchise's chief operating officer, is confident that, at the start of the preseason, his trident will be secured for the long term.


On January 13, the NBA changed its course. James Harden, after his farce in Houston, landed in the Big Apple to form one of the most fearsome tridents in the history of the competition. A media and sports hit with few precedents. Now, Brooklyn Nets intends to give it continuity. Sean Marks, director of operations of the franchise, has assured that he trusts that both Kyrie Irving and James Harden will sign a contract extension before starting the preseason, on September 28. In this way, they would join Kevin Durant, who already agreed to extend his stage in New York just over a week ago. The forward will earn $ 198 million over the next four years, after earning $ 37 million and $ 39 million in his first two seasons as a Nets player. If he had not said yes, Brooklyn would have entered a spiral of uncertainty, as the player only had his continuity assured for the next season. By 2022-23, however, everything was in his hands, with a player option of 42 million.

That's exactly where Irving and Harden find themselves today. In both cases, with one year insured in Brooklyn and another at your disposal. Kyrie is waiting for 34 million next year and a player option of 36 the next; to James, 44 and 47, repeating formula. The organization does not want to leave anything to chance and, with this, the effort will be supreme. Predictably, facilitating maximum extension for both players. In Irving's case, according to figures from journalist Bobby Marks (ESPN), it would mean a four-year, 186.6 million contract; in Harden's, three and 161.

A bigger investment, but one that the Nets already had on their roadmap when they decided to go down the trident path. With the three connections, then, they would make sure to be in the fight for the ring during, practically, the next five years. As they already were last year, despite the injuries. In the regular season, they could only share nine games and 202 minutes; In the playoffs, when it seemed that they arrived in perfect condition to land a blow for which few anticipated a response, the setbacks returned to make an appearance. First it was Harden, who had to retire on the first play of the first game of the series against the Milwaukee Bucks; then Irving, who lost in the fourth game of the same tie. Before, they had left samples of the almost perfect machine that the three of them may be together. In the first round, against the Celtics, they registered a game of 104 combined points and an average of 85.2. All this, with percentages of science fiction: 58.8% for James in field goals, 64.3% for Irving or 66.7% in the triple for Durant, who continued to exhaust the possibilities alone until that number of more in his slippers.

With all that they want to count Marks, Steve Nash and the Nets in general, in the search for the first ring in their history. And, if they achieve their contractual objectives, they would surely emerge as the great winners of this market window, with important knock-offs, like that of the Lakers, but without any set of signatures as stellar as the Big Three. In addition, it would be accompanied by names that, attracted by the idea of competing alongside the aforementioned stars, continue to approach the project without great financial demands, as LaMarcus Aldridge or Blake Griffin did, renewed one more year, last year. On this occasion, the incorporation of Patty Mills stands out, with an agreement for 2 years and 12 million dollars. He shone at the Olympics and, at 33, is determined to achieve glory for the second time. One more guide to the Nets.

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