The "8 lies" of Bartomeu

Laporta, when asked about Bartomeu's letter, did not hesitate to list, one by one, the fallacies of the former Blaugrana president.


Laporta has gone on to attack Bartomeu. The president of Barcelona has listed one by one the '8 lies' that, in his opinion, the former president published in the letter he issued a few days ago.

First lie: "I do not want the maxim that says that if you repeat a lie it becomes true, it is a systematic deception. Everyone knows that we approve the accounts for technical reasons and in order not to paralyze the club's activity , but this approval does not validate the period from 2019 to 2020.

Second lie. "It says that they resign for the procicat and their board resigned because the vote of no confidence was prospering and they tried to escape so as not to be the first censored board of directors" .

Third lie. "They say that after resigning they could not make economic decisions and that is why 375 million were lost due to Covid, but they were only 91. None of the assumptions of the budget presented for the 20/21 season have been met, and in this way that budget gives a negative result of 320 million euros. This causes a dramatic economic, patrimonial and financial situation. We find that as of March 31, 2021 the debt was 1,350 million euros ".

Fourth lie: "Salaries were not reduced."

The sale of Barça Corporate is the fifth lie. "To this are added the income from the Super League and the LaLiga agreement with CVC. This is the story of the milkmaid. It is serious for a president to skip confidentiality. This lack of credibility and seriousness and it is not the way to work." .

Sixth lie: Neymar. "This point says that we have forgiven him € 16.7 M. Another lie. This is not true and it would also remind him of the damage that the Neymar case did to Barça. It was an accumulation of lies. He made a shameful and interested pact with the Prosecutor's Office to convict Barça for the first time ".

Seventh lie: "Sports salaries skyrocketed because if not, you couldn't compete with Premier League clubs. The truth is that sports policy has been disastrous in recent years, especially when Neymar is sold for € 222 million. They are spent disproportionately and at the speed of light. That causes wages to skyrocket. We should have made more proportionate investments and with more sporting logic ".

Eighth lie: Espai Barça. "In the first place, it has worked in activities with a lack of transparency. It is not reported that the construction or renovation of a stadium with the presence of so many people entails an increase in costs and practically unacceptable risks. We also find that there are falsehoods when it comes to underestimating costs in many of their games. The facilities were underestimated, there was no report that made this facility reliable. With Espai Barça we are reforming the project to make it viable. We are in a position to comply with a schedule that It involves presenting financing to the Assembly, once that process is over, we will begin the works in the summer of 2022. We are also ensuring the facilities of the sections to make them compatible with the technical designs of the projects. The repairs were urgent and we are doing them. It is not understood how this issue was not presented in the Assembly, but they did not dare because the project was undervalued. We have lost precious time to update the club and its assets ".

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