The last 'left over' of Djokovic

The Serbian, several days after his debut at Flushing Meadows, has a serious chance of lifting his 21st Grand Slam title: "From 1 to 10 ... I have a 21 of confidence."


Two days after making his US Open debut (August 30-September 12), Novak Djokovic is brimming with confidence on his way to the 21st Grand Slam of his record. At least on a mental level, his stumbling block at the Olympic Games seems more than overcome, where he started as a great candidate for gold and where he ended up marching without a medal. In the hours leading up to their first match, which will be against an opponent from the qualifying phase, the Belgrade team couldn't be more sure of their success in New York, perhaps even excessively.

"From 1 to 10 I have a trustworthy 11 ... no, sorry, a 21", said Djokovic in his last interview in New York, in clear reference to the number of Grand Slam titles that he would add on September 12 if is proclaimed champion in the Big Apple.

And that's not the thing, because Patrick Moratoglou, Serena Williams' coach, did not miss the opportunity to respond to the Serbian through Twitter: "Be very careful with the fine line that exists between confidence and overconfidence. Confidence is constructive, but overconfidence is destructive. " Once again, Nole, at the center of the controversy ...

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