The Italian cycling relay

The leader of the Trek will try the top-5 in La Vuelta in his first race as the sole leader and confirm himself as a cyclist for generals of greats.


Italy is experiencing a good cycling moment. For the fourth consecutive year, it leads the ranking of nations with the most victories while Spain, for example, fights in this Vuelta for not going empty for the first time in the majors. However, in the transalpine country only veterans such as Damiano Caruso (33 years old) or Vincenzo Nibali (36) have managed to climb the drawer of a great in recent years. That is why the Italian fans are watching with anticipation the role of a three-week cycling project, Giulio Ciccone (Chieti, 26 years old).

He is currently 12th overall, but he hopes "in the tough stages of the last week to be able to make a leap in the general standings". "I think I can aspire to a top-5 in this Vuelta, at least I'm going to fight for it," explains the Trek leader to AS. This runner who has renewed until 2024 with the American formation (with a great Italian presence due to his sponsor Segafredo) will also try to fight for a triumph, although the first thing is to be among the candidates for privileged positions.This is how they see him also in his team, in which he has the maximum support, as one of his directors, Gregory Rast, has made clear from the beginning of the race: "For the first time in his career he sees himself as the only leader in a great lap and that comes with a responsibility. But we think he has all the characteristics to shine in three-week tests. " In fact, many see him as the heir to Vincenzo Nibali, his hitherto partner, who seems to be leaving training at the end of the season. Ciccone explains that this comparison with the Shark does not bother him, but it does not make sense: "People tend to make similarities between runners from different times. This is a sport in constant evolution, in which the way of running has changed, that's why I think that making parallels between different types of cycling is not fair either. "

At the moment, he is dedicated to learning from a Vuelta in which he lives his first participation, in which, curiously, another of the riders who came to be singled out as the next Italian idol, Fabio Aru, winner of the appointment in 2015, says goodbye. "We are suffering from the heat and it is a very hard course, but I also have to say that it is a beautiful race," he kindly says of a test in which, for the moment, he is "enjoying". A race in which other Italian cyclists of a different profile are also shining. This is the case of Andrea Bagioli (Deceuninck), second in Córdoba at 22 years of age who has the skills of an explosive finish, or Alberto Dainese, a 23-year-old DSM sprinter, who has four top-10s in this Vuelta.

However, as of today in Villuercas, all the attention of the Italian fans is on a Ciccone who is in a good position to achieve the best result of his career on a grand lap.

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