The Ibiza opens and leaves Butarque in a state of alarm

Third stumble of a Leganés that returned to leave a trail of impotence in the rival area. Serious failures in defense. Ekain, author of the historic Balearic goal.


The Leganés has plunged fully into an ocean of emergencies that points to an unexpected crisis. The pepineros fell to a serious Ibiza and added their third setback at the start of the season that should have been a relaxed journey in front of three newly promoted. Error. Real Sociedad B, Burgos and Ibiza displayed better football resources than a frayed Lega that, against the Balearic Islands, was once again blunt and impatient in excess. He also failed in defense, the only virtue in which the Blue and Whites stood firm. A farce in the area allowed Castel to get ahead on the scoreboard. Arnáiz replied two minutes later to draw the tie with a good left foot. Feeling of insufficient reaction. Carcedo's scoreboard was eaten by Garitano's in Ekain's 1-2. A strategy as brilliant as the visitor display. Ibiza adds its first victory in the Second Division.

Away from the Monday bureaucracy, Butarque once again inspired a true football atmosphere more than a year and a half later. A crowd responded that sold out the available paper (4,454 tickets) and stormed their home exuding illusion and euphoria. Cocktail of hope that fermented at rest in whistles. In anger. Such a spirited swerve went along with the football of a Leganés who felt powerful, but ended the first half listless, frayed in a rocky plan A that perpetuated the goal drought that weighs down Madrid at the beginning of the season. Just one shot between clubs in 45 minutes (the same as the Ibiza) is little loot for a candidate for promotion compared to a newly promoted.

And that, as soon as the clash began, Garitano's men stretched violently, with a hand-in-hand from Sabin Merino who shot across the board narrowly. It was the 3rd minute and what was sensed as an unleashed storm of offensive game, was just a soft summer breeze canned in impotence. Leganés got up to thirteen centers to the area in the first half, but only three found a blue and white ally against a safe Ibiza in their trench and sharp at the ball exit. Its cons generated more sense of danger than the constant haunting of a goal, Germán's, calm in excess beyond the opening auction. Bárcenas (imaginative) and Perea (unleashed), had the other two clearer in front of the auctions of Javi Pérez and Cifuentes, in charge of warning Riesgo of the visiting dangers.

Recurring threat that resulted in a goal as soon as the game resumed when in 54 'Lega perpetrated a defensive sainete that led to the loose ball that Castel pocketed with pornographic ease in the small area. The goal released a haze of panic that, luckily for Garitano, Arnáiz dispelled with a cannon shot 120 seconds later. His ride in the area ended with a dry left foot that, in addition to equalizing the game and inaugurating the Blue and White locker of the season after 236 minutes, gave an extra life to the Blue and White bench. From him emerged the courage of Garcés and the impudence of Naim to try to accelerate the pulse of his own. Also from the party.

Noble intentions buried in the low heartbeat of a Leganés incapable of reviving himself in attack and constant in his defensive troubles. Worrying panorama that ended in tragedy when Carcedo deployed his strategy script to make 1-2, the work of Ekain, but with the intellectual authorship of the visiting coach. The goal ten minutes from the end left a Leganés knocked out unable to find formulas even to dream of a draw. Butarque is now a territory in a state of alarm.

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