The Heliodorus will roar again

With a limited capacity, Rodríguez López receives two teams that have just won in their debut. Ramis prepares changes; Gallego may repeat eleven.


More than 17 months later, the Heliodorus will roar again after its forced emptiness. It will still not be like before, but with limited capacity and only for subscribers, but at least it will be possible to see the Tenerife matches live. And the public's reunion with his team will be against Sporting de Gijón, who also won on the first league match and at home is an uncomfortable team. Not a bad plan for this hot Saturday afternoon (follow the game live on .

They both got off to a good start. Those of Ramis winning in extremis in Fuenlabrada thanks to a great left foot from Corredera, while those of Gallego beating the recently promoted Burgos with a goal from the tireless Djurdjevic. The idea of both is to give continuity to that result to settle in the upper zone.

Of course, the blue and white coach will have to make -at least- a forced change since Aitor Sanz broke down and will be out for several weeks. Corredera himself or Sergio González -who replaced him in the Fernando Torres-, appear as the candidates to replace the captain.

The rest of the eleven does not seem to have much news. Moore and Álex Muñoz, fixed last year, it seems that they will have to keep waiting one more week. In addition, the brand new signing Rubén Díez will have a hole on the bench, along with several homegrown players who hope to take advantage of their opportunity.

The Asturian team coach, for his part, has three casualties on this second day. Campuzano, also injured the first day, is the most important absence due to his relevant role in the squad; Berto and Pelayo are the other two footballers who are not in the squad for Tenerife. None were in front of Burgos.

No notable line-up changes expected from the one that debuted this season. Only the coach's interest in strengthening the midfield could lead to introduce Pedro Díaz in the place of one of the two extremes on the first day, Aitor or Gaspar.

Keys to the game Public

After 17 months of forced vacuum, the subscribers return to the stadium so the Heliodoro factor will again be decisive.

Defensive strength

Last season, Sporting only lost in eight of 21 starts thanks to the defensive strength they hope to maintain.Without Aitor

A sensitive absence for Ramis who will not be able to count on Aitor for a while. The captain is one of the fixed and leader on and off the field.


The Geneto and Mareo factories have a place in the first calls. In the absence of signings, the youngsters hope to seize their opportunity.


Gallego wants his team to have the ball and the only expected change in the line-up could be in the middle for greater control of the game.AS TO FOLLOW Álex Corredera

The Catalan debuted with a great goal coming off the bench so he could have his chance due to the loss of Aitor Sanz.


The start of the season for the Galician goalkeeper has been extraordinary, at his best, and he will be the best defensive bulwark in Heliodoro.

Statistical corner

Tenerife has not lost at home in its debut since 2015 (1-2 against Nàstic). They have not won two games in a row since February.

Sporting lost in their last two visits to Heliodoro. Djuka, however, has already scored twice against Tenerife.

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