The hardest dollar to earn

Spencer Dinwiddie has a bonus of ... $ 1, if the Wizards reach the NBA Finals. His salary is 54 million in three seasons.


Spencer Dinwiddie has been around for quite a tumultuous few months. The loss of Kyrie Irving in practically the entirety of 2019-20 gave him an opportunity that in the NBA reaches many people, and the point guard knew how to take advantage of it. Between the swell, the firing of Kenny Atkinson, Kevin Durant's actions behind the scenes and the questionable drift of the team, Dinwiddie averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists, a meteoric progression after two seasons of great improvement that made him even , sound for the All Star. However, and despite everything achieved then, things did not take long to go wrong. It is the other side of the NBA. One that also reaches many people.With only three games played and in a radically opposite role to the previous year, with Steve Nash as coach, Kyrie recovered and Durant on track, Dinwiddie suffered a serious injury after suffering a partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. The point guard spent the entire season in the dry dock and watched from the bench and dressed for the street as his team fell in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference, in a historic seventh game against future champions, the Bucks. And also, of course, with a whole string of injuries that this course has not been spared anyone. Because of the coronavirus, the condensed calendar ... or whatever. The reality is that they have been there.

At that point, Dinwiddie's departure from the Nets was taken for granted, and the fate only remained to be known. The team aspired to the ring practically unanimously, and the conglomeration of stars, with James Harden and Kyrie Irving taking their place, was going to prevent them from having the necessary minutes to return from such a serious injury and continue their career to stardom, a promotion inexorable that does not have to be slowed down for a player still 28 years old. The destination remained to be known, and a few days ago he was relieved: Washington Wizards, a franchise in, again, full reconstruction.

The loss of Westbrook, signed by the Lakers, has caused the Wizards to need to reinforce the point guard and Dinwiddie was within reach. Despite his injury, he has signed for three years and $ 54 million, guaranteed if he plays more than 50 games over the next two years. However, in one of the many bonuses that the contracts of the best league in the world have, there is one that stands out excessively over the others for the point guard. And it says that if Dinwiddie reaches the Finals, he will receive a bonus of ... $ 1. A strangely low figure that has caused the laughter of the Twitter world and that has given much to talk about. NBA Stuff.

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