The emergencies and the Ibiza of Guerrero threaten Butarque

Leganés, forced to win after two blackouts in the first two days. Ibiza arrives wanting to debut after two good games.


August is not over yet and in the preview of the third day (follow the game live on by Butarque, emergency lights are already flashing, the kind that come on after a blackout. Two have suffered Leganés at this start of the season in which the pepineros have not yet won. Garitano's boys add a defeat and a draw with (the most worrying thing) an absolute absence of goals. The worst start for the Blue and Whites in 35 years. Demerit shared with Pellegrino and his start the course of the descent to Second.

Little joke, although Garitano relativizes everything. He insists that it is normal. That has had half a squad touched and the other half, lacking a physical rhythm that in summer is routine. If to this is added that there are still signings missing (Rubén Pardo will be next), the result is a message of calm that will be sufficient analgesia provided that today, against Ibiza, the Blue and Whites manage to win and convince. Otherwise, stumbling again will summon storm clouds over a team that, for now, has only been measured as newly promoted. Relatively calm epilogue followed by a hectic preamble. Eibar and Sporting threaten around the corner and with the FIFA virus depleting the team for those matches with the losses of Omeruo, Bárcenas and Gaku.

Hence the importance of winning in this match without cucumber absences, but with many asterisks. Men like Garcés, Recio, Avilés or Vico will be at Garitano's disposal, although just a little bit of strength. It remains to be seen if the Bergara player continues to rehearse his revolution (he has used 20 players in these first two days) or is committed to a model that gives continuity to an already final drawing. Precisely the call of Garcés and Bautista point to maximum novelties in the call against an unprecedented enemy (Leganés has never been measured against Ibiza), but with several old acquaintances.

Guerrero and Carcedo

The most recent, Guerrero. The striker from Toledo (the Blue and Whites' third top scorer in First) aims to start on his return to Butarque. Herrera could also debut. Diop and Escobar have not arrived on time. A Carcedo, a former picker player, is also an old acquaintance. Precisely marriage on the benches with Emery was forged when both were partners south of the capital.

The Balearic Islands arrive in Madrid with the hope of fishing in the troubled stream of Butarque and achieving what they already deserved against Malaga: a victory that they hope will not escape like that, in the last breath of the game. Two draws in two games make up an interesting business card with which to maintain the emergence of a Leganés who, for now, walks more in darkness than in lights, more between doubts than certainties.

As to follow Leganés:

Arnáiz. Garitano is using it as an offensive reference in a reconversion that the Talaverano has taken advantage of to show off, but without goals for the moment.As to follow Ibiza:

Guerrero. The forward from Toledo returns to Butarque as a goal-scoring hope for the Balearic Islands. He will play for the first time against his ex.


Right. Leganés returns to sin of lack of aim. The Blue and Whites are the second team that pulls the most from Second, but it has not yet been released.

Triumph. Ibiza wants to get the first victory of the season to continue to settle in the category.

Bench. Although physically limited, the presence on the list of men such as Bautista, Garcés or Avilés gives Lega potential from the bench.

Disappear. Ibiza must stay focused for 90 minutes to avoid what happened against Malaga, when they wasted 2-0 in favor.

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