The 'Mbappé case' is still alive

In the Madrid entity they believe that "from now until the 31st things can still happen and also the whistles the other day to Kylian in the presentation of the team play in their favor."


Although Cadena SER advanced last night at El Larguero that Mbappé has communicated to the PSG dressing room that he has no choice but to stay this season in Paris to finalize his contract, within Real Madrid they still do not throw in the towel in their attempt to hire him from here to the close of the transfer market (August 31). In fact, it is valued that what Mbappé has done is "the most intelligent", given that an advice given to him in the negotiations with Kylian is not to declare himself in absentia at any time and in any case to force a meeting with Al-Khelaïfi to explain his wish, since PSG would only give the green light to his departure for a matter of thanking the boy for the services he provided in these four years, but never for money since that is not necessary for PSG and never it has wanted to show weakness in that regard by being a club-state. In the Madrid entity they believe that "from now until the 31st, things can still happen and also the whistles of the other day to Kylian in the presentation of the team play in their favor in their desire not to renew and get out of there as soon as possible."

The proof that Madrid does not give up with this strategic signing is that yesterday it moved all its machinery to make it clear that it did not plan to sign Cristiano this summer not even as Plan B, to the point of involving Ancelotti with a personal tweet discarding that possibility. The reason is that the president and the board of directors understood that flirting with Cristiano's option was to convey that he considered Mbappé lost, which does not correspond to reality under any circumstances. Madrid will try until the end.

Indeed, Mbappé is hurt not only by those whistles from the PSG fans (many of them came from the part of the ultras that curiously controls the Parisian club) but the next day they played a video on PSG's own social networks with Mbapé coming out of the changing room tunnel and listening to the whistle in the background. It does not seem causal ... It is a war of nerves to check and press how the PSG fans would take the sale of Kylian once Messi was hired. In fact, in the poster prepared by the club for the Tour of the Park of the Princes, Messi is in the center of the scene and Mbappé appears to one side and behind the Argentine. A survey by El Chiringuito at the foot of the PSG stadium showed that there are already many fans of the team who prefer that Mbappé go out now and leave good money in the box rather than let him go for free next year.In any case, Madrid is calm because they know that the player's will is unbreakable and that his decision to arrive at Madrid, now or in 2022, is firm and final. "Even if they don't let him leave now, in a year he will be a Madrid player. He decided not to renew his contract and he is a kid with clear ideas and a very furnished head. If it were for money, he would have signed a long time ago." Let's not forget that PSG offers him up to 40 million euros net per season (he would only charge more than Messi, 60, but would exceed Neymar's 37) and in Madrid he would never come close to those figures. But the kid is motivated by being the head of Madrid's next project and not the third on PSG's galactic podium. Mbappé's family has been looking for a house in Madrid for weeks, exactly in the La Moraleja urbanization. And let's not forget that Madrid has money in the box right now to make a disbursement now if necessary, although until now Al-Khelaïfi has argued that they will not sit down to negotiate since that would mean that they assume that Mbappé is for sale. Between now and August 31, things will still happen and Madrid is alert ... 444 444

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