The Barça clings to Memphis

The Dutchman rescues his team with his goal and his leadership against an Athletic who went ahead and came to sweep him. Eric failed 1-0 and was sent off.


A goal by Memphis fixed a draw for a Barça that, far from the Camp Nou, from the support of its people and from the effervescence of the reaction to Messi's departure, found himself lost in San Mamés until Memphis, what a great signing, rescued him to tie a vulgar game that deserved to lose. But to lose it, Athletic should have more aim than it showed yesterday. Faced with a lost Barça, the locals did not know how to finish off a team that only wielded a great attacker: Memphis.

Koeman, it was not possible to know, bet on the same ones who beat the Royal Society. But that team that looked like The Avengers at the Camp Nou, appeared in San Mamñés as if they were the Lost Boys of Peter Pan.

The subject of overcoming the crash left by Mssi is not passed in the first exam at home. The San Mamés test, with the partial return of the public, was a level test for a team that a week ago seemed to be walking alone, but which is asked to already go by bicycle. and things take time.

All that Barça had in favor on the first matchday at home, was had by Athletic Club, which in 90 seconds had already forced three corner kicks against the goal of a Neto who was unable to guess where the stones were raining from.

Barça endured more badly than well the storm of the lions' exit as it could until Memphis, the sharpest striker of this Koeman team, received on the wing and took a mandatory goal assist for Braithwaite that the Dane sent to the clouds .

A blunder that could change the sign of the match, but which remained an anecdote because Athletic Club continued to pressure a Blaugrana team that was unable to get the ball. Neither Busquets found Pedri, nor De Jong appeared and it was doubted that Griezmann was on the pitch.

So after the Braithwaite scare (scare for both teams), Athletic redoubled its pressure on the Blaubrana frame. Sancet, Marcelino's surprise in alienation, fired a missile at the crossbar that Neto had to explain at half-time because he didn't even see it, De Jong corrected a Neto starting error that smelled like the first local goal and for dessert, Piqué was injured within half an hour in a hip-to-hip collision with Berenguer.

Araújo replaced the Catalan central defender, who added more force to a defense in which Eric had won a yellow card too early.

The presence of the Uruguayan is always synonymous with the fact that the script is going to accelerate. He is a player of extremes. Of the desert, jungle or nothing else.

At the end of the first half, the Chilean scored a goal that was canceled due to a previous foul by Braithwaite, another that went from Captain America to Mr. Magoo in a week. The Uruguayan in the first minute of the second half returned to save Barça after a new lack of understanding between Neto and Eric, who five minutes later, lost the mark of Iñigo Martínez in a corner and Barça conceded the goal that they had deserved for a long time .

Barça was on the canvas and Koeman retired a Pedri more dead than alive to admit Sergi Roberto and brought Yusuf Demir into the field to retire Braithwaite, who had already failed everything that could be failed. This is how Barça is, trusting in a loan from Rapid who is only 18 years old on the second day of LaLiga.

While Barça entrusted everything to the newcomers, Marcelino threw gallons and took out Raúl García and Vesga in a statement that this game was going to be for older people. The best news for Barça is that they only lost 1-0.

And when a superiority like that of Athletic does not materialize in goals against a team that has the quality of Barça, there is a danger that the soloists will act. And Memphis acted with a goal that does not justify the game, but if the result of a duel that Barça tied thanks to its new signing.

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