Sordo and Carrera debut sweeping in Cantabria

Triumphal ride of the new pairing in the Cristian López Rally in which they won all the stages. Important kilometers towards the World Cup.


The pair formed by Dani Sordo and Cándido Carrera has started their 'marriage' by sweeping Cantabria. In his first participation, the Cantabrian driver and his new Galician co-driver have given each other a triumphant ride in the Cristian López Rally. They have won all the stages contested and have not given their rivals a choice, although the most important thing is that they have been able to get to know each other better and engage before their next appointment in the World Championship, the Acropolis Rally of Greece.

Sordo decided to run this asphalt Spanish Cup scoring event at the wheel of a Hyundai i20 R5. With the same mechanics it was imposed in the previous edition, disputed in 2019, then with Carlos del Barrio sitting to his right. On this occasion, in addition to enjoying the warmth of his Cantabrian fans and the sections of his land, he has taken the opportunity to work together with Carrera on the notes.

"How I like to run at home!", Said Dani. "I have really enjoyed the car, the stages and the fans, and I have had great memories starting a rally again from Santander. Although the most important thing has been to work hard with the notes together with Cándido and connect as much as possible. done an amazing job. "

As expected, the dominance has been overwhelming, and the new pairing has not left even crumbs to its rivals. They have won all the games played with ease and in the end the difference with respect to the second classified, Óscar Palacio, has been greater than three minutes.

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