Soler saves a point for Valencia in Los Cármenes

The Colombian connection between Bacca and Luís Suárez gave the goal to a Granada that had one of its best players in Aarón. A friction of Puertas with Gayá ended with a penalty that Soler converted


Robert Moreno, despite scoring a point against Villarreal, decided to change the pattern by giving entry to three center-backs and two lanes. Thus, Abram debuted in LaLiga alongside Germán and Duarte in the center of the rear. In addition, he included Montoro in the trivot of the medullary and dispensed with the extremes, Machís and Puertas, to trust the Colombian couple: Bacca and Luís Suárez. For his part, Bordalás did not vary practically at all. Not the goal, where Mamardashvili repeated in the eleven. Racic and Wass occupied the core in the absence of Guillamón, sanctioned, and repeated with Maxi and Guedes at the top. The game began with Valencia sending and pressing a Granada high that did not risk in the first bars in the exit of the ball. Those from Bordalás had the first in a foul that did not find a finisher and the first shot on goal by Soler, who was meek and weak at the hands of Aarón. The battle in the center of the field was brutal. In fact, between blows and injuries, it was impossible for any team to have continuity. Bacca fought every long ball and Granada could not find Monchu and Montoro, the ones that the team had to manage. However, the plan worked. In one of those balls, Bacca beat Gabriel and put a pass to Alderete's sword where Suárez appeared, who defined to the right of the Valencian goal to open the scoring. Coffee pot connection that worked. Wass responded with a long shot that went out and then Duarte Salvador had to appear to avoid Guedes's goal under the sticks after a good play by the Portuguese who in the hand-in-hand with Aaron saw how the goal touched the ball enough to that his compatriot arrived under sticks. Again the Valencian goal appeared in Guedes shooting. Valencia pressed with several corners and looking very well for the bands, especially that of Cheryshev.

The hydration stop felt better for Granada who had two good approaches from Monchu. However, Aarón had to reappear to avoid Cheryshev's goal this time after a good center from Soler low to the heart of the area. And the Valencian goalkeeper took another center from the Russian that carried a lot of danger. Valencia wanted more, but time seemed to be running out. However, between the hydration break and the times players had to be treated, Del Cerro Grande gave eight minutes of overtime. A time in which Valencia almost achieved a great counterattack that stopped Monchu in a foul, enjoyed another foul on the front that Racic sent out and Suárez won another ball from Gabriel thanks to his great intensity inside the area, but his shot went out of. A lot of fighting, a lot of intensity and not too much football in the first 45 minutes that ended with the only goal thanks to the great coffee connection.

After the restart, Robert Moreno moved the bench and changed the drawing again. Gates entered for Abram and Milla for a tired and beaten Monchu. And Granada improved. He returned to the defense of four, with Milla and Montoro slightly ahead of Gonalons and Bacca and Puertas in bands. The first, in fact, was Nasrid. A corner that Germán, only in the small area at the far post, failed to send to the goal, Guedes responded with a shot also far from Aarón's frame. As the minutes passed, Valencia began to find how to harm Granada. Maxi was looking for his back again and again and thus finished off a free kick taken low to the front and shortly after he did not take advantage of a Duarte error in clearance. The Argentine, in front of Aarón, sent his shot to the body of the goalkeeper who again saved his team. The game was more open than in the first half, with a Valencia needing to find the opposite goal and a Granada with more spaces. Again, Germán prolonged it but Puertas did not arrive, Montoro ran into Correia in another shot from inside the area and Gonalons had another with a header that Mamardashvili took out in extremis. However, it was Valencia who roamed the area the most. With center sides, corners and balls to the area that shortened the Nasrid back with force. Thus, the minutes passed without too many scares in either goal and little football. Until, when the game entered its final stretch, Granada tried to get the ball played, Puertas got involved, they stole the ball and the Almeria knocked down Gayá inside the area, decreeing the referee penalty. The friction was minimal, but Del Cerro Grande did not hesitate and Carlos Soler did not miss from eleven meters to put the tie. There were just a few minutes to go and even so, Granada scored in a free-kick from Milla that Duarte touched in the area and Montoro sent to the back of the net. It was a joy interrupted by the VAR, which decreed offside and left the Nasrids with honey on their lips. Bordalás remains undefeated and with four points out of six possible and Granada continues without winning, but also without losing ... 444 444

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