"The situation is dramatic"

Laporta responds to Bartomeu and describes the letter he sent him as "a series of lies with which he tries to justify the unjustifiable."


Joan Laporta followed the public letter sent to him by Josep Maria Bartomeu, broadly dissecting the conclusions of the entity's 'due diligence' and which reveals an economic reality of the club more than precarious. The losses this year will be 481 million euros "which have already been audited and presented to the League. The impact of COVID is 91 million. The wage bill is 103% of the club's income (617 million), which is 25% more than our competitors for a total debt of 1,351 million ", according to Laporta.

The president explained that the negative net worth is 455 million euros. The financial situation was defined as the president as "dramatic, but that is in the process of being solved in two years and there is no risk of changing the club model for an SAD" .

Bartomeu's letter was described by Laporta as "full of lies. It is the attempt to justify the unjustifiable. An exercise in desperation. From the outset, we approve the accounts for technical reasons so as not to paralyze the club. His board is responsible for the exercise until March 17, 2021. No one will escape their responsibility. They lie and believe their lie, as for example when they say they resigned for the Procicat. They resigned because they had a vote of no confidence on them. More lies: the budget they presented imagining sales Salary reductions, Barça Corporate. Neither did they reduce salaries in the amounts they said. It was all the old woman's accounts ".

For Laporta, the previous meeting, bypassed all the internal controls of the club, "not only with I3 Ventures, also with Espai Barça, in the IT departments, marketing or with the debt contracted so that it did not go through the assembly".

In his initial explanation, Laporta pointed out that he was calling the press conference to "put into context the economic situation the club has found ourselves in. The first thing we had to do when landing was to request a bridge loan of 80 million from Goldman Sachs to be able to pay the payroll and repair some pathologies in the stadium that could endanger the integrity of the stadium attendees ".

Laporta highlighted that the previous board had collected television rights in advance and what had to be collected from players through a loan at 9 percent interest.

He also pointed out that the sports decisions were wrong, with young people with short contracts and veterans with long contracts to which exaggerated commissions must be added to intermediaries. "Money has been spent at the speed of light. In an exaggerated way, a lot of money has been spent on salary policy to the point that LaLiga considers us a non-compliant club and has opened files for it" .

The president congratulated himself on the "return of the public, which means the return of fresh air. There was a desire to return to the field in a convulsive atmosphere due to the departure of the best player in the world. But it was shown that Barça is above all"

Regarding the project started by Bartomeu from Barça Corporate, Laporta stressed that "none of the proposals was acceptable. Neither the academies nor the Barça Studios project were valued, which was not legally foreseen to be sold.

He also alluded to the Neymar Case: "It is not true that we have forgiven the player 16 million. It would remind him of the shameful and self-serving pact with the Prosecutor's Office to condemn Barça in exchange for Rosell and Bartomeu being exonerated from criminal liability. What we did was eliminate risks we couldn't pay

At Espai Barça, Laporta also charged against Bartomeu: "They never said that you had to relocate the spectators from the first to the third tier. The Johan Cruyff Stadium was budgeted for four million and it cost 20. We are redoing the Espai Barça project to do it sustainable that will need a refinancing that will go through the assembly to start works in summer 2022. The project has become obsolete ".

Laporta ended by saying that "the only thing left of the letter is the last paragraph, in which he says that if responsibilities arise, he offers to seek solutions because he knows there are irregularities. It is the only thing he contributes in a letter that consists of of eight points that are eight lies. If we have to purge responsibilities, we will do it, but it is hasty to advance the way to do it ".

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