Sangalli: "Going down to Sanse is the best way to feel like a footballer again"

The San Sebastian midfielder returned to play an official match almost a year and a half later. Between the stroke he suffered and other sports injuries, he has had no luck since he came to professional football


Luca Sangalli smiles again. And it has not been easy at all. Because his return to the pitch has been delayed much longer than desired and expected. But the San Sebastian midfielder returned to play an official match last Saturday almost a year after the last one in which he participated. The peculiarity is that he did it with the Real Sociedad subsidiary when Sangalli had already taken the step of being a player of the first realistic team. Roberto Olabe proposed this possibility to him to help his progressive return to high-level football, and incidentally to become the experienced guide of the young Sanse in his debut in the Second Division. “It was a good decision for me. Going down to Sanse is the best way to feel like a footballer again ", he points out bluntly.

Because Sangalli had a career-critical decision to make this summer. Take a step back and then two come forward, or think that soccer should be put aside. It was like his last chance. And he has overcome it. But he admits that he thought about retirement despite his youth. “Surely it has crossed my mind at some point that I was not going to return. The injury has been very long and I have had bad moments, you have many moments to think and turn your head. In those moments of course you think that you cannot play again, but the important thing is to overcome it and know that the good times are going to return. The important thing now is to play minutes and feel like a footballer again ", explains the San Sebastian, who remembers his return to the pitch against Leganés." I looked good. It has been a long time without playing any game and at first everything seemed new to me , but little by little, as I entered the game, I have been getting good feelings. It is also true that since the game was going well I had to play very well wrapped up and I was comfortable. When the game ended I almost forgot everything that had happened, I was very happy for the victory and for the game we played ".

Sangalli also naturally explains how it was the unusual process of a player moving down from a first team, when he is already settled, to the subsidiary. “When Roberto Olabe told me about it, I saw it as an opportunity. Although you may think that it is a step backwards, the first thing I need is to feel like a footballer again and it was easy for me to decide. I know that I'm going to have to work hard to be the one I was and I think that Sanse is the best place to feel like a footballer again. I am going to compete in a good category against great teams. "Sangalli considers this season in the Second Division as a reset, with his eyes fixed on returning to the Real's first team." I am very excited about this season. The first objective is to recover sensations and enjoy football with my friends. From then on, my goal is to return to the first team, but first I have to work a lot. With work and playing well I will return to the first team

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