Sainz wants to squeeze the Ferrari

"He is confident of getting better and confident that he can have a good second half of the season," says Carlos Sr. about his son's progression in Maranello.


You just need a perfect weekend. And although he has not yet had the chance to show off in full in a grand prix with Ferrari, the sensations that Carlos Sainz has left on the asphalt have satisfied those who trusted the Madrid man to serve as a member of the ranks of one of the teams. most important of the World Cup and above all, to a pilot who started working from the day his signing for the Scuderia was announced. The Spaniard moved near Maranello to spend hours at the factory, an unusual practice in the team and in F1, but his decision has translated into results that even put him ahead of his teammate Charles Leclerc in the general classification. .

Carlos has 83 points, for the Monegasque's 80, and has also added two of the three podiums that Ferrari has achieved in the first half of the season. The numbers only highlight the adaptability that the Madrilenian has had in one season, where most of the changes have been complicated in the rest of the riders. Which adds even more value to his performance with a team much more complex than that of structures. The Scuderia is not just another team, in fact Leclerc acknowledged that upon arrival he had to "learn many things, although from the outside everything seemed easy." "You had to understand exactly the dynamics of the team, how to deal with problems, how to react to them ...", continues to admit Charles, about a process in which Sainz has gained maturity quite early.

While his partner needed almost a year to understand all these factors, "Sainz adapted well to Ferrari although it was not easy," as Carlos Sr. acknowledges in statements collected by SoyMotor. The Madrilenian, before heading to the new Extreme E event to be held in Greenland, reviewed his son's first eleven races in a season that did not have an easy start due to the planning of the calendar: "It has been a difficult year for everyone and especially for the pilots who have changed teams, because they only had a day and a half of preseason ".

Not even this factor was a handicap for a driver who, after having faced all the pressure of competing wearing Ferrari colors, "is happy and satisfied" with the performances he has achieved so far with the SF21. But he still wants more. Ambition reigns above all in the personality of a nonconformist driver and despite the fact that "little by little he is more confident" and according to Carlos Sr. "he must be satisfied with the work done", now Sainz wants to finish squeezing a car that he is preparing a revolution in his engine to fight for everything again in 2022: "He is confident of getting better and knows the team and the car more and more. He is confident of being able to have a good second half of the season" .

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