Sainz takes the podium

The FIA does not consider "relevant" the new tests of Aston Martin to avoid the disqualification of Vettel and the Madrilenian retains the third.


The speculation is over: Carlos Sainz achieved his second podium of the season in Hungary. The Madrid-born and Ferrari maintain the third position that gave him the disqualification of Vettel after the Hungaroring race after the International Automobile Federation (FIA), has rejected the right to review that Asnton Martin presented when knowing the disqualification of his driver. The German, who saw the checkered flag in second position, ended up out of the qualifying list for breaking the rules at the end of the race. Not even the new tests that the team had to reverse the situation have returned the 18 points, despite the fact that more than 100 data channels related to a fuel system have been shown, in which there was a fault.

After completing the 70 laps of the race, the stewards verified that the Vettel car did not provide the minimum sample liter of gasoline that is required once the test concludes and that was the reason that left the German out of the picture. Despite the fact that from Aston Martin they exposed "a new element" related to telemetry that could justify 1.74 liters of gasoline in the car at the end of the test, the judges have heard during the day today the allegations of the team by videoconference, But even the failure of the fuel pump they were talking about has not helped the members of the FIA to change their minds: "For the evaluation of whether or not the one-liter requirement was violated, it does not matter why there was less of a liter. "

They also studied during the appeal if the evidence they provided from the team was "relevant and significant", but the end was not happy for Aston Martin in what could be their first podium of the season: "To be able to provide a fact" relevant ', Aston Martin would have had to provide evidence that there was actually more than one liter of fuel left. The explanation why this requirement could not be met is not relevant to the decision as to whether a regulation violation has occurred. " Therefore, they do not admit the right of review and furthermore, it understands that there is no possibility that this decision will be appealed again. And that means that the results that were published after last Sunday's correction are still valid and Carlos Sainz maintains a third position that allows him to exceed the number of boxes harvested by his partner this season.The Aston Martin version

After learning of the FIA's decision, the team have once again declared themselves innocent, ensuring that there was no evidence confirming a benefit or deliberate infringement that was beneficial to the Vettel car. From Aston Martin they continue to maintain that the tests they provided showed that the minimum liter of fuel was exceeded and after knowing the final decision that leaves Seb off the podium, Otmar Szafnauer, CEO of the team, could only applaud the performance of the German: “Sebastian he drove brilliantly in Hungary. " But it didn't stay here.

In the statement provided by Aston Martin, its director once again emphasizes the provision of evidence that should be relevant to the verdict and reaffirms "that the evidence presented showed the FIA that Vettel should have been reinstated after disqualification". “Unfortunately their opinion was different and although our tests were not questioned, they have confirmed the disqualification of Vettel after not considering them 'relevant'. It is disappointing and we will consider our position regarding the full appeal process, ”he ruled nonconformistly.

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