Sainz explains why he has reduced his visits to F1

"Carlos does not need me to come, he knows what he has to do", affirms the Madrid native, to highlight the progression of his son in the World Cup.


Carlos Sainz went on vacation getting his second podium of the season for Ferrari and also, receiving praise from the top leaders of the Scuderia. The Madrilenian, in his debut year with Maranello, is ahead of his teammate Carles in the overall drivers (he holds 83 points) after having played the first half of the course and probably, if there was a classification of rookies who are In a period of adaptation to his new teams, he would also be fighting for the best position with the other Spaniard on the grid. The results achieved to date only support Sainz's progression, both in Formula 1 and in his current team, and the last words of Carlos senior also reinforce this reality.

It has always been very frequent to see the parents of the drivers in the team pits and the presence of Sainz was no exception, although with the passage of time his attendance at the Grand Prix has begun to decline. The reason? "Carlos doesn't need him to come, he knows what he has to do," the Madrid native affirms forcefully in 'Motorsport'. The maturity that his son has reached as a pilot has meant that it is not the professional commitments that keep Carlos the father away from a paddock that he did not step on in all of 2020 due to the coronavirus and to which he will only return for pure pleasure: “I knew that with the passing of time I was going to attend races less and less. This year I will have gone to two or three and besides, he knows my phone number. We talk every day at the end of the day, but my presence is not necessary and if I come it is only for the pleasure of being there and observing ”.

Sainz has also transferred to the circuits a law of life that now leaves Carlos as the owner of his future: “He knows what he has to do, it is his life, his challenge and his passion. You have to make your own way ”. And you have now, he is doing it with a note. The Ferrari driver has managed to reach the most prestigious team in the World Championship and is also managing to shine in it: “I was sure that he would adapt quickly to the car. It has gone step by step and the good thing is that it is improving every year. What I see from the outside is all positive, including how he is taking the Leclerc challenge. They are both putting pressure on each other and even though they are still waiting for a perfect weekend, it will come. ”

Once his adaptation has been overcome, Carlos' next challenge at the Gran Circo will be the entry into force of a new “different regulation, in which the drivers will have to adapt in a completely new way of driving a Formula 1” as highlighted by Sainz. Can the young man from Madrid do it well? “He can still improve, it is going to be a huge challenge, but he will know the team much better and he knows how the engineers work. At Ferrari they are improving and have taken a big step forward from last year to this one, ”says the three-time Dakar winner.

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