Sadiq's double against Betis fuels his departure

The Nigerian forward appeared in the last preseason gig and will be in Cartagena if his departure is not closed before that day.


Umar Sadiq returned to his old ways last night in Algeciras. The Nigerian striker was enough only to defeat another First Division, the case of Betis, leaving the rojiblanca preseason with four wins (Águilas, Pulpileño, Cádiz and Betis), one tied (Málaga) and one defeat (Benfica). Kaduna's had not made great performances in the previous bowling, but it was against the major rival where he showed those qualities that caused half of Europe to be interested in his services, being applauded even by Betic supporters when Rubi replaced him.

The African was not out of tune in the sports city of Benfica, although the protagonist was Juan Villar. The following weekend the spotlights were aimed at Sadiq, who lost his mind against Atlético Pulpileño, attacking two rivals and being sent off, which is unusual in the preseason. 24 hours later he barely had 20 minutes at El Rubial and against Málaga he did not exceed ten. It was yesterday when Almería looked for it to revalue and it did so, returning by its own privileges, with a double against a First Division that gives it more cache and revalues it.

In the absence of eleven days for the Almeria team to debut in the new season, Umar Sadiq continues to be a footballer for the rojiblanca squad. The Indálico club is aware that the market is quite stagnant and is not entirely optimistic that a domino effect will occur in the second half of August. The objective for now is to finish the exit operation and continue with the entry one.

Either way, from La Vega de Acá they do not want to undersell any of their most valued pieces. In the case of Sadiq, its termination clause is 60 million euros (it would have been 80 in case of being promoted to First), although the starting price is half, a figure that no entity has reached. Thus, if the proposals do not improve, Almería will try to keep everyone and reinforce the squad with the salary mass released in marches like Petrovic's. In fact, according to internal club sources, the red-and-white entity will not order Rubi to reserve Sadiq, Samu and Akieme at Cartagonova to avoid possible injuries.Lazo: "The club decides the sales"

Another of the important names with the occasional girlfriend, such as Cádiz, Lazo's case, claims to have his head in Almería. "The club decides the sales, we are focused on a strong preseason to start well in Cartagena," asserts the Sanluqueño, one of the most prominent of the Almeria preseason. "The coach is going to get the most out of me, he already told me last year. He is giving me confidence and I like that. The people at the top have total freedom to play inside and out," says a Lazo that in the case if it continues, it will complete its third year in the Mediterranean. "I am confident, the one transmitted by the coaching staff and the team. That is great for me, I feel very good. I want to go back to being me, the Bond that was seen in the first season. There is a sensational group and that suits me to help ", expires.

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