Rossi succeeds with his withdrawal

Motorcycling owes a lot to Valentino, beyond his magnificent track record.


Valentino Rossi will leave the competition at the end of this MotoGP season. It was predictable. And the desirable. For years it had been clear that the Italian would not win that tenth world title that he so longed for. Not even last year when the big favorite, Marc Márquez, failed, did he have the slightest option to aspire to it. And for a little less, but always too long for a champion of his luster, it was known that he would not win a great prize again, except for a generalized hecatomb of his rivals or unheard of carom in the circumstances of the race. In short, he was on the track for nothing that could motivate him but, yes, playing the type every Sunday because even the one who is last in any category of the World Cup is exposed to a high risk.Continuing to continue made no sense whatsoever for The Doctor, no matter how excited he was to compete for another year with his team, together with his stepbrother Luca Marini and in a new attempt with Ducati. The results were hardly going to be minimally satisfactory and the danger of injury would always be lurking, with logical aggravations in an athlete who is already over 40, no matter how fit he is. Of course, he will not say goodbye to the competition with the results and performance that he would have wanted and deserved, although that in no way overshadows his extraordinary career. Motorcycling owes a lot to Rossi, beyond his magnificent track record. His charisma, his popularity, his connection to the fans, his passion and many other virtues place him without remission in the Olympus of the greats of this sport. Today is the day to acknowledge all that and wish him, so alone, that he continues to be as happy to get off the bike as he has been on it. Thanks, champ.

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