Rossi's numbers in MotoGP: 25 years of legend

Valentino Rossi says goodbye to MotoGP yearning for a tenth title, but with a record of victories in the premier class (89) and podiums in the entire history of the world championship.


The MotoGP World Championship says goodbye, excited, to Valentino Rossi. The Italian rider has announced his retirement from the competition this Thursday, opening a Grand Prix of Styria that will already be marked for history. Although there are still months until the final goodbye to a legend, the feeling of longing has already been established in a Red Bull Ring that, this Thursday morning, has woken up to the surprise of an "extraordinary" press conference from the pilot of Yamaha

With Rossi's farewell, MotoGP will lose one of the best riders in the history of motorcycling. A driver who, at 42, still owns great records in the sport of two wheels: third driver with the most titles in history (tied with Hailwood), second driver with the most victories in the championship and driver with the most podiums. in the history of the greatest two-wheel competition.

Y is that, despite the great attempts of Il Dottore to get closer to Giacomo Agostini, his 25 years driving professionally have not been enough. The Italian continues to be the rider with the most title in motorcycling history, with 15 crowns that, for the moment, seem invincible. Rossi can't even catch up with his great friend, Ángel Nieto, who remains second in the ranking of the motorcycle championship with his 12 + 1 titles. With this, Valentino will have to say goodbye to the World Cup next November with nine crowns, looking forward to the tenth that could not arrive in 2010 or 2015, when he was closer to achieving them and, according to Valentino himself, he deserved it the most. .

But that already remains for the memory of the competition. However, Rossi's numbers will remain in motorcycling history for a long time, just as they remain those of many who have retired from racing for years. In fact, Agostini continues to be the rider with the most victories throughout the history of the Motorcycle World Championship with a total of 122 victories that Valentino Rossi has not been able to achieve either.

Well it is true that they were other years and that, then, the same rider could compete in several categories at the same time. For this reason, the numbers of the mythical 46 are to applaud: he has won up to 115 races in his entire career throughout the different categories (89 in MotoGP and 500cc, being the rider who has achieved the most victories in the premier class).On this occasion he did win the battle against his great friend in the world of motorcycling, Ángel Nieto, who closed the podium with 90 victories. In fact, the celebration was even special: when Rossi reached the same number of victories, Nieto took a lap around the Le Mans circuit with the Italian under the message Valentino, the bike loves you. Behind the great Spanish champion, Marc Márquez is already on the horizon with 83 victories in his career, the last at the Sachsenring this year.

But not only on victories does a pilot live. Podiums and perseverance have always been very important if you want to win a World Cup and, in that, Rossi has shown it very well. He may not be the rider with the most titles or victories, but he can boast of being the rider with the most podium finishes, both in the history of the championship and in the premier class.

Throughout his quarter century in the MotoGP World Championship, Valentino Rossi has scored a total of 235 podiums, well ahead of Giacomo Agostini's 159 or Dani Pedrosa's 153. Even Marc Márquez is still far behind, exactly one hundred below the Italian, with 135 podiums in sixth place.As for the premier category, Rossi is still the clear dominator, but he still has the thorn to retire with 199 podiums, on the verge of 200. Of course, he will have the entire second part of the season to achieve it, even if it is difficult , before that final goodbye in Valencia.

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