"Valentino Rossi is the Michael Jordan of motorcycles"

Absolute unanimity among the MotoGP grid on the enormous legacy that the 46 leaves in MotoGP, with a devastating phrase from Mir that sums up the general sentiment.


Absolute unanimity among the MotoGP grid on the enormous legacy left by Valentino Rossi, with a devastating phrase from Joan Mir that sums up the general sentiment: "Valentino Rossi is the Michael Jordan of motorcycles."

The champion attended AS before the press conference and left the interesting reflection of how lucky he has been to be able to share the track with 46.

-What feeling does Rossi's withdrawal leave you?

-It leaves me feeling lucky, because I can say that I have competed with Valentino. It makes me a little sad, because not seeing him on the track will be very strange. He was already winning World Cups when I started in this world and now, that I stay and he leaves, it will be strange to me. I wish him well. He has everything to enjoy life and I hope he does very well.

-Would you have liked to see him with the Ducati one more year?

-No, no. I would not have liked it. I would have given the same. I think he has chosen the right moment and bravo for him.

-Is the overtaking you made last year at Misano even more valuable today to get on the podium and leave him out of the top three?

-I'm going to remember him all my life, although I suppose not as much as I do. (Laughs) .

Already at the press conference, the current MotoGP champion added: “I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to ride with Vale during these two years, three now. I was probably more nervous than he was when he was breaking the news. It is a difficult moment because it seems that it never comes for a pilot. He has everything to enjoy life a lot, I am very happy for him. There is a question that a journalist asked him about whether he felt like the Michael Jordan of motorcycles, and of course he is the Michael Jordan of motorcycles. It will be difficult for another Valentino Rossi to be repeated in history. I wish you the best of luck and I hope to see you in the paddock in the coming seasons. ”

In addition to his words, those of a Maverick Viñales with whom he pitched at Yamaha for four years were also interesting: “He was my reference when I was a child. When I started to feel the passion for motorcycles it was especially when I saw Valentino, with his celebrations, how he ran. I have grown and I have had the opportunity to share a team with him, and of course live internally, share information, and I have had the opportunity to learn, which is the most important thing. Valentino, more than an icon, more than a legend, is my idol and the point of reference that I have had since I was three or four years old until now. It's sad, but at the same time we have to thank him because he has made motorcycling grow a lot. And it has also been an inspiration for me, I have had it as motivation and it has helped me to push harder. As I said, I have been very fortunate to have shared a team with him for many years, and also sometimes to have been able to fight with him, also to enjoy time with him and they were very funny moments, in Malaysia, Indonesia, in those long events that we shared and where we could talk a little more outside the circuits, not only about motorcycles. What remains for me is that he has always been a great person outside, and as Zarco has said, he is the reference of motorcycles, he is the GOAT (Greatest of all times) of motorcycles. This moment is sad in the sense that we all like to race against him, but on the other hand he has given us a lot and we have to thank him for that. ”

And finally, the point of view of Fabio Quartararo, who leads the general classification this year with a 34-point advantage over Zarco and is the top seed for the title this year: “It's hard to believe, really. Because he was already two-time world champion and I was not yet born and we continue to compete with him. To imagine that next year he will not be with us is sad. He is the rider who made me want to become a MotoGP rider, he was there waiting hours and hours in front of his hospitality to be able to take a photo with him as a child. So for me he is the legend of this sport. He has made an important career and I consider him to be the legend, he continues to be my idol and I have no words to describe him. ”

Photos from as.com
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