Roglic, the runner of the moment

The Slovenian reached the finish line second in a stage that was very fought from the beginning that Cort Nielsen won. He recovers the red jersey and Landa loses half a minute.


Stage 6 of the Vuelta was hard fought from the beginning. It was shot very fast and with a lot of wind on the day when it cost the most to have a getaway. We saw a great Roglic, who took a few meters to win the stage, and who returns to recover the red jersey. The Slovenian was second, only behind Cort Nielsen, and he looks much fresher than the rest. The pity was that Landa again allowed himself half a minute, which added to the time trial of the first day, leaves him further and further away, but not entirely.

Roglic is the rider of the moment, the one we are seeing the strongest, and little by little he is adding very important seconds for the general classification. Elissonde, despite wearing the jersey, had no chance.

The next stage will be similar, but it will be good for Landa, because it has ports interspersed in the middle of the stage, not like this one, which was practically flat. It will be different because you will not enter the ascent with the same violence with which you have ascended in the last stage. Positioning will be very important, and as it is a harder climb, they will have more time to pick up the pace and try to come back. The falls, which are the handicap of cycling, are and will continue to be.

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