Roglic: "No risk, no glory"

The Slovenian cyclist suffered a fall 12 kilometers from the finish line, but was satisfied. Enric Mas explained that he knew how dangerous this descent was and did not want to risk it.


Primoz Roglic was smiling at the finish line. Despite the fall suffered in the descent of Almáchar, the Slovenian did not seem to present injuries and assumed what had happened. He had enjoyed despite the misfortune: "Why have I attacked? And why not? Without risk, there is no glory," he summed up while a smile was guessed at under his mask. Despite having his shorts torn, what he asked his assistants was water to recover from the suffocating heat. He greeted Enric Mas, who worried about his condition, and responded with a conspiratorial pat. He had been on the verge of his plan going perfectly: losing the red jersey to avoid responsibilities (the Norwegian Eiking took it) and trying to take time out of his rivals, which the accident did not allow him. "The attack caught us off guard", admitted Enric Mas about the courageous attempt of the Slovenian.

Mas had not even considered attacking and was pleased to arrive with the leader of the Jumbo, but he had his reasons: "It was a very dangerous descent. We knew that whoever tried it, on the way down, could have problems if he went a little too far. group was square, losing a few meters ". "I did not see Roglic's fall, he took us a few meters, but we had the reference. Then we were surprised to catch up with him and see that he was getting up. We were going down with caution, the asphalt was slipping," explained the other Movistar, Miguel Ángel López.

"The important thing is to have saved the day without falls and to have taken more than 30" from the rest, except for Haig, who looked very strong. We are all there, although this port was better for Roglic and he tried ", took stock of Enric Mas, who is now fourth in the general classification, at 2:45 behind the red jersey. López is fifth (at 3:38), while Roglic still ahead, third to 2: 17.

All now have two riders ahead of them, with Guillaume Martin finishing second and an euphoric Odd Christian Eiking wearing red. "It is the greatest achievement of my professional career," admitted the 26-year-old Norwegian who has three victories on his record. His leadership increases this dream lap of his team, Intermarché Wanty: "We came for a victory, we achieved it with Taaramäe and on top of that he took the lead as a bonus. Being me now the leader is already another super special extra". His conquest comes in a successful week for Norwegian cycling after Tobias Halland Johannessen's victory in the Tour del Porvenir. "In my country before it seemed that there were only sprinters, but for some time there has also been another profile of cyclists. I am not a pure climber, but if I feel good I can go over the mountain. And that happened in Almáchar" .

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